Seasons Colorful Addition to Abaya Range

The term fashion, as we identify in the contemporary world, means to wear stylish, trendy and classy clothes. Every individual or culture reflects a unique expression of the style, personality and character. If we talk about Islam, then it has its own definition of fashion, where modesty plays a major role. However, with the passage of time, the clothing of Islamic women has also changed. One of their popular outfits, Abaya, has now become more fashionable without losing its old modest look.

kashibo abayas

A popular online store, which is getting famous for its Islamic clothing, EastEssence, is offering different types of trendy outfits, including Kashibo Abayas, embroidered abayas, Kurtis, Jilbab, etc. This is taking the abaya fashion to the next level, making it famous among numerous women.

In this online store, you can find Kashibo abayas in different varieties that can be worn on multiple occasions such as party, everyday use, birthday, etc. These abayas are made up of using a very comfortable and fine fabric. You can find the abayas in different patterns such as embroidered, plain, semi printed, etc. Moreover, the options for the color will make you feel fresh as, it offers blue, black, green, light orange, brown, yellow, pink, or many more.

Some of these abayas have stunning embroidery of flowers that look so beautiful and can be worn in family gatherings or any function. It is not necessary to buy printed abayas as, plain abayas are also in demand. These plain abayas look so simple and sober and if you add a little bit jewelry with them, then you can look trendy, as well as fashionable.

In summers, everyone likes to carry light colors and considering this, EastEssence has recently added more soothing and light colors for everyday abayas. You can give it a fresher look by carrying a matching hijab. You can search for multiple options at one place without any difficulty and once you choose the abaya you want to buy; the payment can be done online. Not only this, EastEssence offers timely discounts as well, to make your shopping exciting.


Here’s how an Abaya can accentuate your look!

Abayas have been a favorite of every Islamic woman out there since time immemorial. An absolutely versatile piece of cloth, an abaya is known to accentuate your look like never before. It is a wonder that how something so plain can reflect so much about one’s personality. It therefore comes as no surprise that women around the world have now started adopting an abaya as a part of their wardrobe.

If you are wondering whether to include abaya in your wardrobe, here is a comprehensive list of why an abaya sets itself apart.


• Whether it be an abaya with elegant and fancy embroidery or something light and flowy in cotton; it looks complete in itself. If you are looking for variety in abayas; you should definitely check out the printed jersey abaya dress. Less is more is accentuated very well when we talk about abayas. There are very few clothing items that can match the versatility of abayas. Hence, the deserve a definite mention in every woman’s wardrobe.

• Abayas can be complimented with accessories and ornaments with a lot of ease. Be it a normal scarf or extensive, heavy jewelry that you wish to compliment your abaya with; you are definite to find the best ensemble. To add to all of this, abayas are not available in a variety of color combinations too. This further aids in adding richness to your look. If you are someone who is conscious about covering herself, the abaya is perfect for you.

• They can be found in a variety of cloth types. This is what helps to set the look apart. Whether you are someone who wants to opt for denim stretch abayas or something conventional in cotton; you are definite to find something to your liking. They can also be found in silk which in itself is a very glamourous material to adorn. One should avoid abayas that come in satin since they tend to cling to the body. Opting for an expensive material is definite to pay off when it comes to abayas.

• Abayas come in varied categories. Whether you want something for everyday use or are looking for something that can be worn at formal and traditional occasions, an abaya is sure to come to your rescue. Chic Maxi Dress Abayas are in fashion currently and are sure to sway their way across bestsellers. Whatever be the occasion, whatever be the season; you are definite to find an abaya to help you look amazing.

• A recent addition to the world of abayas has been their presence in various styles. One can find all kinds of innovation in the design. From an open shirt style abaya to a shiny, black abaya with frills which is perfect for a party; one can find them in various varieties.

If you are someone who is looking forward to revamping her style, an abaya can be a great starting point. Shop for abayas in different varieties for a refreshed look.


Exploring the World of Islamic books

One can never overlook the vitality of books in life. They are believed to be a man’s best friend. Not only do they impart knowledge and make a person feel wiser, but also, are always there for a reader. A person who enjoys reading can never be alone. While books of literature and science have their own vitality in life, one cannot overlook the importance of religious texts. They help to learn more about life, morality and serve as guiding light in times of trouble.

Most people in current times find it difficult to access books with an Islamic theme. Here is where ventures by making it easier to find Islamic books online. While there aren’t a lot of Islamic book stores that feature complete collections, this brand has a huge depository of books that are certain to satiate souls. Here is a brief sketch of the various genres of Islamic books offered:

islamic books

Various genres of available Islamic books online

Books on Philosophy: There should be grace and righteousness in the way one lives his life. Most people have their own way of figuring this out while several rely on books. One can accumulate valuable lessons to live life based on the words of great men and philosophy tends to do just that.

Book for and by Women: Women occupy a very important position in world. They have a lot to offer to the world and definitely should be encouraged for the same. Islamic books online tend to propagate just the same. These books offer them a new perspective towards life. Several books can be found on this genre and are truly inspiring to read.

Religious Books: There is no doubt that books on religion are extremely vital in today’s scenario. As people are digressing from the right path, these books tend to have a good influence on the masses. Books on religion offer a guiding light and impart wisdom like never before. Islamic book stores facilitate reading and inculcating religious books for a better world.

Books for Kids: It is very important that kids understand the vitality of reading in one’s life. Once this habit is inculcated in them, they are definite to go on and do great things in life. Thus, the brand offers a variety of books meant for kids. They cover various themes of life and teach valuable lessons of life in a very subtle yet unique way.

Books for Gifting: People are often confused about what shall be the perfect gift, and this brand has the answer for this big question. Be it a friend, a relative or just anyone out there; gifting a book can never go wrong. The unique selection of books at in the gifting section has great options to be presented.

Books help is forming a heavenly connection with God in a way that is unimaginable. As Islamic books are slowly losing their presence in the market; this brand aims to change the trend and bring them back. Learn and grow, as there is nothing better than reading and understanding life.

The Next Trend in Mormon Women’s Clothing Fashion

Every country, state, culture, or tradition has different kinds of clothing trends. In fact, every season brings new fashion highlights. The Mormon women clothing is no exception. Instead of just being a modest wear, it is transforming into a trendy outfit gradually. This trend has put a constant pressure on designers to come out with something new every season.

Mormon Women outfits are worn not only by the followers of a specific culture, but they are also popular among different traditions due to its sanctity and purity. Moreover, an air of pleasantness and divine beauty is reflected from the clothing of Mormon women.

It is no secret that women can’t resist the desire to look good and to wear pretty dresses. A few Mormon clothing stores have taken the responsibility to fulfill their desire by providing them a new set of astonishing collection, every season. Want to know more such stores? Then read on.


Yes, now there are online stores available from where you can easily buy different kinds of Mormon women’s clothing and one of the popular store is EastEssence. It is so simple to find a variety of Mormon dresses from this store in unique styles, patterns, fabric, color, etc. Moreover, you can even accessorize the dresses to enhance their elegance and to give you an exquisite look.

There are so many varieties to choose from, it is unlikely that you will end up buying only a single dress. One of the amazing things about EastEssence Mormon clothing collection is that it retains simplicity, elegance, and modesty, but at the same time, it has been styled in such a manner that it does not look old-fashioned and can match the trend of the contemporary world. There are some exclusive long tops and abayas that are made for specific occasions such as going to a church, party, or for just being comfortable at home.

This Mormon clothing stores online enable you to shop without any fuss and offers the kind of dresses which is hard to find anywhere and is completely designed with an accentuation on the fashion. From the long dresses to casual pants, EastEssence offers all at an affordable price, without any delivery charges. Amazing offers on regular basis on the website makes the shopping more exciting. Payment can be done just in a few seconds via credit card, making EastEssence a one-stop shop for Mormon women’s clothing.

Where to Buy Halal Cosmetics Online?

All women have a desire to look elegant and pretty, and makeup products enhance their beauty. There are so many cosmetics that are used by the women and halal cosmetics are one of them. In present arena, these cosmetics are getting fame all around the globe.

The term ‘halal’ when applies to the cosmetics simply indicates the products that are made using the ingredients that are permissible according to the Islamic law. This means these cosmetics do not contain any animal product or alcohol. It would not be wrong to say that Halal makeup products are like a new wave in the cosmetics.

halal products

As it is not so simple to get these products from any random store, the major concern among all the women is that from where to buy such makeup products? Which store can be trusted as this is a matter of the tradition and religious belief. But now, there is no need to worry!

EastEssence has taken the responsibility to deliver best, trusted, and halal cosmetics to every woman out there. The women can fulfill their wish to look beautiful by applying the makeup products that are good for the skin and most importantly do not hurt their sentiments. It is one of leading and well-recognized online store for bringing the best and reliable halal makeup products.

As a matter of fact, every woman loves her skin and hence, it becomes very difficult for them to trust any of the brands arbitrarily. EastEssence brings that confidence too and provides multiple makeup products that are permissible in Islamic culture. These makeup products are made up of natural dyes and natural fibers. Some of them have the extracts of different plants and while others are produced with the help of chemicals that do not cause harm to the skin.

EastEssence makes it very easy to get the halal cosmetics online with a wide range of varieties. Hence, it has become the first choice of women’s whenever it comes to buying halal cosmetics for them. They can buy skin care products like Intense Mask Omega, Rice Seda, Saleha Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick etc. Along with this, there are varieties of Lip-glosses, Eyelashes, Highlighters, Eyeliners, and so many other products. Moreover, the payment can be done online via credit cards effortlessly.

Now Easily Get Trendy and Modern Hijab Online

The world is getting modernize rapidly, but still, there are few traditional aspects that are in trend too. The best example is the ‘hijab’ that persists even now. However, nowadays women carry the hijab in different ways so that it looks trendy and fashionable.

Hijab is a long veil that covers the complete head and face of the women except for eyes. It is a part of the Islamic culture and generally, the women belong to this culture wear this as it is the custom of their religion. However, as the world is getting trendy, they do not want to look odd among other women following western culture. Therefore, the urge of wearing new and fashionable hijab is common to them. Moreover, with so many options available in the market it is possible to follow the tradition and at the same time look classy. Wearing hijab does not anymore stop you from looking stylish, it even adds to your beauty and modesty.

lace hijabs

There are multiple ways to carry modern hijab, but matching it right with the other outfits is the key to get a glamorous look. The hijab can be wear with the jilbab, which is a long and loose outfit carried by many Muslim’s. You can wear the hijab, which is contrasting or of the same color, with your jilbab. Apart from this, you can carry it with your casual clothes, jeans, shrugs, etc.

Now the question is that from where to get fashionable hijabs in different patterns, colors, and fabric? There are numerous places around you from where you can get it, but one of the trusted online stores is East Essence. The website interface of the East Essence is very simple, and it is specifically designed for such clothing. You can find various modern hijabs on the website, which are of multiple colors, patterns, look, fabrics, etc. You can find colorful printed hijabs for holidays, or some plain hijabs for formal occasions and to match with office wear.

You can even take inspiration to wear the modern hijab in stylish ways in order to give you an overall elegant and beautiful look. Moreover, there are numerous offers associated with these hijabs and you can avail some great discount. With East Essence, it is very simple to shop for hijabs. You just need to choose the hijab(s) you want to buy, and the payment can be done online. The shipping is absolutely free, so it is the best platform to do hijab online shopping without any hassles, at the comfort of your home.

Buy Elegant and Trendy Kaftan Abaya Online

It is obvious, that every season comes out with something new in terms of fashion trends. Kaftan abaya is one of these trending dresses and is getting popularity all around the globe. Kaftan Abaya is a garment that is made up of a light fabric like muslin or cotton, which touches the ankles with its long wide sleeves.

Traditionally, these abayas are very dark dresses, generally a shade of black or brown and are seldom adorned with the silver or any other color. Nevertheless, now designers are giving these garments a more modern and brighter look by using numerous colors. In fact, some of these abayas are even designed with the shades of copper and gold. This can add an additional touch and bold appeal, which can increase the style sensibilities of women.

kaftan abayas

As a matter of fact, that Kaftans are much loved by Muslim women and are in vogue, the demand for them is increasing tremendously. Women have always a natural flair to look beautiful and this desire makes them very much inquisitive to experiment various possibilities they can produce out of their Abaya and Hijab. Moreover, there is nothing incorrect in doing so, unless, it does not expose your body.

Therefore, now the question is that where to find these trendy and stylish Abayas? Is it easy to get to them? To resolve this dilemma, has taken the responsibility to serve all the women who want to have unique and fashionable abayas. Certainly, there are various online store for the same; however, eastessence brings out a huge variety of choices in front of the users, and its website is very simple to access.

It is the one of the leading online clothing website when it comes to trendy abayas. It brings out the newest trend with a good quality of fabric, cost, style, patterns, etc. You can go to the website and choose any Kaftan Abaya according to your need.

With this online store, the Abayas outfits are now just a simple click away and the delivery of the dresses is done to your doorstep. This online shopping can lead you to an amazing experience. What is even more exciting is that for limited period, is offering amazing discount on various types of Abayas including Shirt Zipper Maxi Dress Abaya, Lace Accent Abaya, Lace Accent Bisht Dusters. To avail these offers, log on now!