Select Designer salwar kameez for trendy & stylish look

Nowadays, fashion is like a moving wheel that changes its position & preferences every day. But when it comes to women’s clothing, trends are changing almost by the day.

It is observed that women love to attract attention from everyone. They choose several hottest attires; they want to wear. Therefore, the demand for the newest & stylish dresses such as salwar kameez is huge in the market.

If you are Muslim women and tired of dull & boring traditional Islamic clothing that makes you look a little out-fashioned? If yes, then go for the latest & designer salwar kameez online because salwar kameez is known to be one of the most famous dress for Muslim women across the world. They consist of a loose trouser or salwar, which is paired with a shirt or tunic known as the kameez to give an attractive appearance.

Earlier, salwar kameez was considered as the everyday outfit consisting of plain kameez & dupatta. But these days, you can see that every piece of the designer salwar kameez has its significance. The reason is that they are made from a wide range of excellent material such as cotton, silk, chiffon, etc. and have attractive designs & embellishments. Along with that halter neck & backless cuts can make you look smart and stylish.

designer salwar kameej by eastessence

Most of the Muslim women wear salwar kameez, according to their culture & tradition because the dressing of the Muslim women provides them the unique identity. These dresses are becoming very popular among Muslim women due to their adaptability, different embroidery, fabric color and amazing quality of the material.

One of the major benefits of designer salwar kameez is that women can wear it at any age, which is perfect for all the occasions as a formal or casual. Whether you are a 15 years old teenager or a 60 years old woman doesn’t matter, you can wear these salwar kameez that suits you the best. But you need to keep in mind about the occasion & event and select the right fabric that compliments your personality.

Another advantage of these dresses is that it can be worn in varying climates that’s why many Muslim women are interested in finding these designer salwar kameez online. So, hurry up and place the order with best fashion designers and decorate yourself with an eye-catching salwar kameez.

For designer salwar kameez online store is considered as the best option where you can find various varieties, designs, patterns, and style of salwar suits at a reasonable price without going anywhere. Hence, buy salwar kameez online where you will find different types of salwar such as chudidar, satin, silk georgette, cotton kameez salwar, crepe and much more. Salwar Kameez with heavy work of Jardosi & Kundan are also available online for those who love to wear excellent designs. These dresses are not only attractive but are also very comfortable to wear and had been paired with glorious fashion & designs.

Go for Fashionable & Trendy Kaftan Abaya Designs in Ramadan

It is obvious that every girl loves to make a style statement and follow the latest trend. If you are getting bored of wearing the same dresses and want to up your fashion game, then it’s time to change your style just a little bit.

kaftan abaya

Ramadan is still on, and it is becoming very hard for Muslim women to decide what to wear. And still, you are not sure about your Iftar gatherings outfits, then you’re at the right place. Instead of putting so much effort to think about your Ramadan outfits, make kaftan abayas your choice because for Muslim women they are extremely versatile & popular fashion trend choice.

In the Islamic religion, the kaftan is essential for a Muslim woman to wear. The Kaftan Abaya and their several designs are one of the trendiest options that are speedily gaining popularity across the world. In many regions, kaftans are worn as the light-weight, loose-fitting, and free-flowing dresses reaching to the ankles that help to cover the whole body, which is necessary for the Muslim women. These days, through its distribution & evolution, the kaftan has acquired different styles, purposes, and names depending on the culture.

kaftan abaya 2

Earlier, kaftan was fashioned only in one color, and that was black. But, nowadays, all kaftan designers are designing beautiful kaftan for Muslim women with different colors & stylish patterns such as V-neckline with buttons or addition of kimono or bell sleeves to it, which gives an elegant & stunning appearance.

Among Muslim women, kaftans have become a significant part because they mostly don’t go outside from their houses without wearing it. Muslim women clothes are not only famous in Asian countries but are also in demand all over the world.

Why Muslim Women love kaftans?

As it is mentioned in above paragraph, kaftans are loose & free-flowing dresses, which are made of lighter materials make a versatile & perfect choice for the summer season as well. These dresses are light and breezy that make you feel relaxed. That’s why the Kaftan was and remains a kind of all-purpose, everyday garment for Muslim women.

To get a stylish & fashionable look for the Ramadan, Muslim women can check out a huge range of modest kaftan abaya online that is available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns that suit every occasion, style & budget. Check out what’s new and upgrade your wardrobe now!

Jilbabs – The Fashionable Attire for Muslim Women



These days, cultures around the world can build unique characteristics for themselves such as the food they eat, the language they speak, and the most important, the clothes they wear. But the clothing is reflected as one of the first features you observe when you engage yourself in an another culture from your own.

The rapidly changing fashion trends have changed the way that you dress up, but these changes haven’t influenced traditional clothing. Like people from different communities are recognized by their rituals, religious, beliefs and dressing style. But according to the Islam, Muslim women should hide their faces/body by wearing dresses like niqabs, abayas, hijabs, and scrafs.

In today’s era, the everyday jilbabs are amongst the most famous clothing elements for the Muslim women, which are vastly exchanged in the Western World. It is defined as the long & loose garments, which cover the entire body from tip to toe and it can be easily worn over regular clothing as well. Along with that Muslim women can also wear these Jilbabs at almost every occasion such as weddings, birthday parties and even to work.

Initially, Jilbabs were fashioned in black, but nowadays they are available in various colors such as blue, lavender, mauve, light grey, and chocolate. In fact, to give it a more modern & stylish look, fashion designers used laces & sequins. These dresses are some of the most commonly worn outfits among Muslim women because they are considered as a covering for females to hide their bodies from others in the public place.


Islamic Jilbab

According to the religious principles, women must wear these dresses especially in the presence of men. These everyday jilbabs represent various Islamic clothing rules such as privacy, modesty, the morality of Muslim women.

It is quite simple for one to buy these jilbabs online because many websites are selling these Islamic outfits. So, buying Jilbab from online stores is an excellent idea no matter where you live because online store gives you easy access to an extensive collection of Islamic clothes.

5 Types of Modest Clothes to Remain Trendy


Fashion is a way for men & women to convey the feeling of liberty and individuality. While many all around the world think that modest clothing lacks the sense of fashion, they have been picked up as the most exciting trends in modern fashion, especially for women.

Here’s a glossary of modest Islamic clothes that enhances the elegance and beauty of women. They go well with casuals and can make you look equally dapper in special occasions.

#1st Modest Cloth – Abaya Styles

A piece of fabric that’s loosely stitched can be worn for at home or for public gatherings. It is available in either traditional or modern design. An Abaya is a gorgeous looking cloak that runs from shoulder to the feet and is comfortable. Muslim women usually pair it with a hijab and long gloves.

#2nd Modest Cloth: Jilbab Style

In literal terms, Jilbab looks similar to an Abaya but differentiates on one distinguishable point: is has an opening at the front. Jilbabs are extremely comfortable and easy to wear and have the potential to capture eyeballs. They bring a modest, as well as dazzling appearance for a woman.

#3rd- Modest Cloth: Hijab Style

The recent inclusion of Hijab styles in New York and Dubai fashion week tells the story of growing acceptance of hijab fashion. Hijab is a considered sacred and traditional in Islamic and is wore by women on the head. It comes in different shapes and size like a square, rectangle, plain or printed, and covers the head from temples to the back and at times chest. Hijab is also available in different fabric variants like satin, chiffon, viscose, georgette, knit, and many other fabrics.

#4th Modest Cloth: Islamic Shalwar Kameez

A Full-length shalwar kameez with a beautiful embroidery is the most fashionable and modest attire for women. They are extremely popular in Asian countries like India and Pakistan.

#5th Tunic Tops

Tunic tops are a stylish range of long tops that can be paired with anything – leggings, jeans, etc. Just keep one thing in mind – choose appropriate length for your height and size to dazzle the look with Tunic tops. They come in a different range of designs and variety.

Growing Acceptance of Hijab Fashion in Sports

Chandelier Spotted Hijab

Hijab is a way of life and part of a Muslim women’s faith. It is a symbol of modesty, an entity of spiritual-connect, and fashion statement for women but it was never accepted in sports activities. Until recently, when Nike launched its Pro Hijab collection for female Muslim athletes.

Made of breathable, lightweight, sport-ready fabric, the pro-hijab collection is designed to stay cool and dry. Finally, Muslim athletes have an alternate option over traditional hijab, that’s modest as well as sport-friendly.

Sports Hijab has been in conversations for long, and few smaller boutique companies has been manufacturing it, but it’s the brand following and the wide reach of Nike that has brought this topic to the forefront.

Even other brands are now considering replicating Nike’s move and are planning on the production of Sports Hijab. The main reason behind this is the cultural shift, that now more and more women prefer wearing a Hijab.

Not just in the field of sports, hijab fashion is also gaining popularity in other fields too. This is reflected in recent ramp show of designer AnniesaHasibuan’s collection at New York Fashion Week, where a fleet of models proudly performed the catwalk wearing Hijab.
Technically, hijab has not exactly been banned by different sports federations, but the ‘headgear’is prohibited on the pretext that it might hurt other people, also because of some stereotype minds which takes it as a religious agenda.

It is that the light of change has been illuminated, even when hijab is still being oppressed in the major part of the world. As this change traverses a better journey, one filled with hope, faith, peace, and hopefully, more people will start understanding the real value of hijab for women.The world is yet to see the epitome of Hijab Fashion.

Modest Skirts for Women Are Now an Easy Find

Yes Ladies, it all comes now with a click of a button on your computer screens. Since every season calls out for a new fashion fad and inevitably leads to fashion-faux-pas, we all undergo this nagging fear of not committing any fashion blunders.

Pink Brocade Full Pleated Maxi Skirt

Skirt is your answer if one’s to look for inspiration in minimalism as it’s definitely chic and trendy. Long women skirts for long, have been a practical option for many hijabi -sisters as they are no-fuss, easy-wear garments that require little to no efforts when it comes to styling and you are always ready in a jiffy with this one. Just drop it and go!

Modest skirts for women today is not restricted by the simple monotones but adheres to suit the multi-faceted personalities of the millennial woman. When it comes to comfort and utility, there’s nothing coming close to the versatility of skirts and wins the trust factor hands down. However, over the years this humble piece of modest clothing has undergone a lot of change with generous dollops of flamboyance and fancy elements put together to make it all the more appealing to different age groups. So much so, that bodice fitted A line skirts were a trend for white bridal-wear last year. Not to mention, that maxi-stretch, flairs, sheer-effect, satin-cuts, floral laces, are just some of the motifs used in skirts which are much in demand even by the most conservative of the dressers as it does not violate the code of modest-dressing and keeps the charm of fancy-wear alive.

Paisely Print Modal Skirt

Such long skirts for women, have the biggest fan-girls in fashion-forward Muslimahs who are forever on the lookout to balance the faith & fashion quotient. There are, understandably many ornate ensembles donned with skirts to befit many significant occasions like marriage and other religious ceremonies which demand gaudy outfits. One can also see many cultural interpretations of skirts along cultural and religious lines. Many belted Victorian skirts, or the simple Indonesian sarung/sarong or be it the African skirt and blouse ensemble reinterpreted by big fashion labels, all bear testimony to the wider reach of the outfit across the globe.

The Nuances of Modest Clothing

Perhaps, one of the best things to happen to Hijabi sisters, this decade is the Avant Garde rise of modest fashion rubbing on mainstream sensibilities. Never, did the world was this ready to acknowledge, welcome and embrace to modest fashion as another styling fad contemporary to other fashion aesthetics. You now have covered hijabi sisters as celebrated billboard models for popular brands, famous make-up artists, entrepreneurs in the world of retail, food and lifestyle. Also, the fact that hijab is now commonly been dished out by popular mainstream fashion labels like H&M, Dolce & Gabbana are just few of the big names helping to strengthen this endeavor.


Working with Modest clothing could be seen by many as a hindrance or a limitation but with the challenge to cover one’s body more gracefully and yet be splendidly picture perfect gives the much-needed creative thrust to fashion designers to think out of the box. Many popular contemporary cuts, styles, prints and fabrics get customized and roped in as per the modest Islamic aesthetics and sensibilities to render a woman more comfortable being fashion-forward yet faith compliant. You- have many a hybrid version of couture Abayas, as ball gowns and Maxis as well as tunics. Jumpers and shirts and tees all with modest lengths to help women not feel left out on contemporary trends. Similarly, you have customized Islamic versions of beachwear (burqinis), and active -wear for women who love the sand and sea as well as women who play sports or keep fit.

Perhaps, it’s not uncommon to see the rising level of awareness and consciousness in relation to Muslim fashion aesthetics-courtesy social media. In the world of Instagram and Pinterest, there’s little to no chance that you commit a fashion faux-pas, because you are constantly bombarded with tricks, styles and styling options at the flick of a button. Young girls who are unwilling to give up on faith and fashion are toeing a fine line between what could be deemed as halal or haram and the world of social media makes it easier to make informed choices.