Why Islamic Men Wear Kufi Caps?

Kufi caps are geneKU3EE-Men-Thumbnailrally worn on the head by Islamic men over a traditional Kurta Pyjama. Keeping the head covered is one of the important rules that need to be followed in Islam. These caps are round and brimless and are made of cotton material. Earlier they were available only in white color, but now, these caps are available in various colors. The crochet work done on the Kufi caps, makes them all the more desirable. These caps are generally worn by the men while offering prayers. Listed below are a few points that will highlight the significance of wearing caps:

-Sign of Being Muhammad’s Follower: Wearing a cap shows that you are a follower of Prophet Muhammad. It is believed that Muhammad’s companions wore a cap all the time. Islamic men who consider themselves as a follower of Muhammad, adopt the practice of covering their head at all times. Also, according to a belief, covering the head was a tradition and one of the rules that Muhammad wanted his companions to follow. Hence, in order to follow the rules stated by Prophet, men wear a cap.
-Must During Prayers: Keeping the head covered is one of the thumb rules while offering prayers. Whether the prayers are being offered from the home or from a mosque, the head should always be kept covered. It is believed that by keeping head covered, its is a mustahab (in quest of love of God) for a man. Also, covering the head is a sign of respect given to the Islamic traditions. This is the reason why many caps are placed outside the mosque. Before entering, you just need to pick one, wear it and then enter the mosque.
-A Sign of Modesty: A person following Islam is expected to dress, speak and behave decently. Thus, many Islamic men chose to wear a cap as a sign of modesty.

Where to Buy?
If you are looking for Kufi caps, you can either buy them from traditional shops or you can also opt for  online shopping sites. Since a large variety of caps are now available, you can select your favorite color and pair it with your outfit. Also, the online shopping sites do not need to pay the overhead costs, hence, the products available on the sites are cheap.

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