The New Trends in Jilbabs

Jilbabs and Abayas are the popular traditional outfits for a Muslim women. These outfits resemble a loose, long-sleeved robe that covers the entire body till the ankles. Earlier women did not have many options to choose from, but now the designers have experimented and redesigned the outfit. Today, women can choose a trendy and fashionable Jilbab of their choice. Here are a few styles available:rectangular jilbabs-Rectangular Jilbabs: The rectangular Jilbabs available can be tied and wrapped  in place. This garment is often layered and generally ideal for formal events. Most of the pieces available are black in color, but all of them are not plain. The Jilbabs are decorated with embroidery done from threads of various color, stones, beads, sequins and much more. If women are choosing a Hijab as their daily wear, they can choose a plain Jilbab and if they are choose one for an occasion, they can go for the decorated ones.

-Bell Bottom Sleeve Style: This style of Jilbab is common among young girls as it is comfortable to wear and at the same time stylish too. These Jilbabs are generally decorated with thin embroidery which enhances the overall look of the outfit. The overlapped bottom of the Jilbab gives a wavy look.
abaya-Jilbab Dress: Another hit among the youngsters is the Jilbab dress. The sleeves of this outfit are extremely loose which makes the garment appear even more stylish. Various designs and styles are available in Jilbab dresses.

-1 piece Jilbab: This Jilbab is a full-length garment that covers the entire body till the ankles. Few Jilbabs are closed from the front while a few have buttons or zippers.
abayas and jilbabs-2-Piece Jilbab: This Jilbab consists of mainly a skirts and a long khimar. Some 2-piece Jilbabs can be a mix of colors, while some might be of the same color. The material of the garment is light and is extremely comfortable to carry.

Online shopping site is one of the best places where you can shop for a stylish yet reasonable Jilbab. Jilbabs of various designs, shapes, colors and sizes are available on these sites. All you need to do is browse and select the best for yourself!

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