Features of an Ideal Thobe for Men

mens thobesIslamic Thobe for men is the first outfit that strikes the mind when we talk about traditional outfit for Muslim men. This outfit is popular by several names like kandura, khameez and dishdasha, to name but a few. The names may be different, but they all resemble a long robe or a gown and have long sleeves. Let us have a look at a few features of an ideal Thobe.

Fabric: An ideal Thobe is one that is created by combining around 80% polyester and 20% cotton. This combination is excellent for a Thobe because it is light and allows perfect exchange of heat and air. Moreover, it is extremely easy to carry this fabric as it does crease easily. Even when creased, you can iron it without any difficulty.

Length: An ideal Thobe reaches up to the ankles. The best way to measure the Thobe that will fit is you is by taking the measurement from the shoulders to the ankles. If your Thobe is shorter than this, this probably is not the right wear for you!

Thickness: An ideal Thobe is not at all see-through. The material is thick and crisp. Wearing transparent clothes is not permitted in Islam, thus the fabric of the outfit should be thick and at the same time should be comfortable to wear.

Stylish: Following the Islamic dress codes is necessary, but that does not mean you cannot look stylish. While going for parties and formal functions, choose a Thobe that is stylish. A stylish Thobe consists of pop-buttons that are stitched to the collar and is decorated with embroidery.

Article Source : https://medium.com/@Eastessence/features-of-an-ideal-thobe-for-men-7d705b0305ec


One thought on “Features of an Ideal Thobe for Men

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