What Are the Requirements of Islamic Clothing for Men and Women?

According to Islamic tradition and culture, modesty is an essential part and this is depicted not only through the mannerisms and behaviour of the people of the Islamic faith but also through their attires. According to their religious principles, men should not look or stare at a woman, who is not known or related to them and women should protect and maintain their dignity by hiding their physical beauty under a traditional costume. Based on the religious rules, there are specialized clothing stores for Islamic men and women.

The good news is that men and women of the Islamic community can now purchase their traditional as well as day-to-day attires online at the convenience of their home. Many Muslim men and women buy their clothes from local stores or while travelling in the Islamic world or sew their own clothes. But the Internet is now allowing them to get access to a large number of online Islamic clothing stores. These stores offer expensive and cheap Islamic clothing for Muslim men, women, and children such as Jilbab, Niqab, Hijab, Abaya, Thobes, including daily wear clothes like Shalwar Kamiz, Kurtas, Pyjamas, tops, pants etc.

Requirements in Islamic Clothing

-The body needs to be covered in front of the public. For women, modest wearing means covering her full body,  except for their face and hands. The minimum body parts for men to be covered is between the navel and the knee…..

…..Clothing for Muslims has taken modern flairs these days. With online Islamic Clothing stores, Muslim women can enjoy a plethora of choices, styles and designs of clothing related to their traditional concept of privacy and modesty in their attires. Online stores are selling clothing under a wide range of categories. Islamic men and women of current generation, including the children, can enjoy wearing different types of their traditional costumes in different colours and prints.

Article Source : http://www.storeboard.com/blogs/fashion/what-are-the-requirements-of-islamic-clothing-for-men-and-women/354978


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