Top 5 Tips to Find an Ideal Islamic T-Shirt

Be it Muslim men or women, both like to get dressed in a comfortable outfit and when we talk about comfort, there can be nothing better than an Islamic t-shirt. T-shirts are available in various colors, sizes and designs and on seeing a huge variety, often the buyer gets confused. Whether you are looking for Islamic t-shirts for men or for Islamic t-shirts for women, here are a few tips that can help you find an ideal t-shirt.
ladies tshirts-Choose according to your skin tone: Choosing an outfit according to your skin tone makes a huge difference in the overall appearance. For people who have a light skin tone, a t-shirt of any color can do wonders and people having a dark skin tone can wear t-shirts of light colors to enhance their looks.

-Choose according to body type: It is extremely important to choose t-shirt prints according to your body structure. People who are on the heavier side should avoid t-shirts having huge prints and horizontal stripes. This will make you appear more fat. It is a better option to try t-shirts with small Islamic prints and vertical stripes. People who are thin can choose exactly the opposite of this, i.e. t-shirts with huge Islamic prints and horizontal stripes.
-Choose according to your face type: A t-shirt should be chosen according to the face type. A round-neck t-shirt looks good on people having an elongated face. People having a round face should opt for a t-shirt with a v-neckline. If the v-neck is deep for the Muslim women, they can bring the ends of their Hijab to the front and stuff in the within the v-neck.

-Choose a long sleeved t-shirt: It is advisable to choose a long sleeved t-shirt, since covering the arms is one of the regulations of Islam. By choosing such a t-shirt, you can look fashionable at the same time follow the rules of's tshirts-Check the material: It is important for Muslims to wear clothes that are thick and do not show the skin of the body. Make sure that before buying a t-shirt, you check the material of the t-shirt. While choosing light colored t-shirts, you must be extremely careful of the material as light colors are a little transparent. In this case, the material should be thick so that even if the color is light, the skin is not visible.

By keeping the above mentioned parameters in mind, you can select a t-shirt that suits your body type and improves your personality.

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