Men’s Jubba: The Various Styles

For a Muslim man, it is very important to dress according to the rules and regulations stated in Islam. However, getting dressed is a modest manner does not mean that men need to wear plain, simple and boring clothes. Fashion designers have come up with new and exciting versions of these traditional Islamic clothes. One such traditional outfit is a Jubba. A Jubba resembles a long robe that reaches till the ankles which is generally worn with a trouser. Let us have a look at the various modern styles of Jubba.jubbaa-Hooded jubba: Men love hoodies and there can be nothing better for them than hooded jubbas. A hooded jubba is a perfect fusion of a modern and traditional wear. The hood of the jubba is generally padded and can be worn during all seasons. Various color options are available and men can select a jubba of their choice. Some of the popular colors are navy blue, brown and white. To make the outfit more interesting, designers have added side pockets, shoulder patch works, and piping on the necklines and arms.

-Cross stitched jubba: This jubba is ideal for young boys as it comprises of a cross stitched pocket. Generally, two side pockets can be found on the front of the outfit. By wearing this outfit, you can easily carry your essentials in the pockets too!

-Al Haramain Jubba: These jubbas are popular among men and are made of high quality fabric. The fabric is light and easy to carry on a daily basis. People who are looking for a jubba that can be worn daily, should certainly opt for Al Haramain men’s jubba. Earlier this style was available only in white color, but today these jubbas are available in various colors.

-Jubba without collar: People who are looking for a jubba that can give them a casual look, can choose jubbas without collars. To add a fashion statement to the outfit, designers use zips and pockets. Some fashionable jubbas also include multiple pockets. Not only this, some jubbas comprise of a strap of the shoulders. This gives the outfit a stylish look.

-Jubba with collar: If you are planning to buy a jubba for a formal use, nothing can be better than a jubba with a collar. The smart outfit looks even more appealing with the addition of collars. To further enhance the look of the outfit, multiple pockets, piping in the neckline, and arms, straps on the shoulders and zips have been added.jubba
-Side-zipped opening jubba: People looking for a designer jubba, can opt for the side-zipped opening jubbas. Generally made of good quality polyester, these jubbas are easy to carry and fashionable to wear. The front of the outfit generally consists of a pocket which gives it a stylish look.

These various styles of jubbas can be easily bought online at reasonable prices. If you too are thinking of selecting the outfit, make sure you choose a stylish one!

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