Designer Jilbabs: The Diverse Styles

It is extremely important for a Muslim woman to get dressed according to the Islamic customs and traditions, but that does not mean that she cannot get dressed fashionably. A Jilbab is a popular Islamic wear for women. The outfit resembles a long gown and is worn above the regular clothes. The outfit covers the entire body from head to toe and looks classy.

The rising demand for stylish Jilbabs

Muslim women no longer lack when it comes to getting dressed fashionably. Numerous Jilbab styles, colors and designs are available in the market. For a vast variety, you can also check Jilbabs online. The Jilbabs available online can be purchased at a low cost. To give a more fashionable look to the outfit, you can pair it up with a Hijab.

Designer Jilbabs

-Two layered Jilbab: The market is loaded with Jilbabs of various designs and patterns. The most loved design is the two layered Jilbab or the double layered Jilbab.

-Colorful Jilbabs: The Jilbabs were earlier available in black color, but today, women can choose from a wide range of colors.

-Detailing: To give the outfit an interesting twist, designers have started detailing the cuffs, neckline and sleeves of the outfit. The decoration of the Jilbabs is done with sequins, embroidery, beading and lace to give the outfit an attractive look.

-Pleated Jilbabs: If you are bored of wearing plain and simple Jilbabs, you can try the pleated Jilbabs. These Jilbabs consist of pleats on the front side of the apparel.

-Gypsy style Jilbab: These Jilbabs are the most fashionable outfits available today. Giving an all new look to the outfit is the use of frill on the sleeves and a base hem. A huge variety of designs, colors and patterns are available in this style of Jilbab. If you are willing to purchase a gypsy style Jilbab for daily wear, choose a dark colored plain Jilbab and if you are willing to choose a little fashionable Jilbab, choose a gypsy Jilbab decorated with embellishments.

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