A Guide for Women to Choose Pants

Pants look stylish and are loved by women as they are extremely comfortable to wear. However, a woman must be extremely carefully while selecting a pant as an ill-fitted pant can deteriorate your overall look. Pants are available in various fabrics, but cotton pants for women are most popular. Cotton pants are extremely easy to carry – all you need to keep in mind is that you wear the pants only after ironing as cotton gets creased easily. Here is a guide that can help you choose pants easily.cotton pants for women
-Waist: Make sure that the waistband of the pant is neither too tight nor too loose. The waist should be comfortable while standing and also while sitting. Choosing the right waist size will also give a proper shape to the hips and thighs. If you are not comfortable in wearing pants having a normal waistband, you can choose pants that have an elastic waistband. Make sure you do not choose a pant that is tight from the waist as it will be extremely uncomfortable.

-Length: Wearing pants of an appropriate length is of utmost importance. If you plan to wear heels, make sure you choose the pant accordingly. Also, since it is mandatory for Muslim women to keep their legs covered at all times, they should ensure that the length of the pant is correct.

-Rise: To get the proper fit, the rise of the pant should be appropriate. The measurement from the crotch of the pant to the waistband is known as the rise. Muslim women should choose pants of high waist as dressing up in a modest manner is the first rule of Islam.

-Rear: Women who have a heavy bottom find it difficult to find the right fit. If they choose a pant according to their waist size, it does not fit properly at the thighs and if they choose a large size, it becomes too loose from the waist. Pants having a curvy fit are ideal for such women. Also, women who face this problem should always choose a pant with a long rise.

-Avoid buying over embroidered pants: Simple pants look classy and give a formal look. Though there is an availability of pants with embroidery and decorations, it always wise to choose a simple design.

By keeping the above mentioned points in mind, you can choose a pant of great fit and look stylish and at the same time, stay comfortable in the outfit.

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