How to Care for Your Winter Jackets

With winters approaching, its time to unpack your bag of winter clothes and get ready for the season. Women love to look stylish even in winters and one of the popular winter wears are the hooded fleece jackets for women. Winter clothes are expensive and it is extremely important to care for them, so that they can last for a long period of time. Many people do not take care of their winter clothes and end up spending a huge amount of money in buying winter clothes every season. Here are some tips that can help you keep your jackets and other woolens like new for years.SONY DSC

-Remove the lint: Lint gets built up on woolen jackets, jackets made of wool-like fabric and women’s hooded fleece jackets. This lint can easily be removed using a brush or a lint roller. Simply run the brush over your jacket and clean it. If you do not have a lint roller or a brush, here is a simple trick for you. Take a tape and create a loop as large as your hand. Keep the sticky side outside and slide your hand between the loop. Rub your hand on the jacket – the sticky side of the tape will pull out the lint.

-Wash your jacket: There can be nothing better than dry cleaning the jackets, but you cannot end up spending money each time for dry cleaning your jackets. Many people think that washing the jackets will affect the quality of the fabric. This, however is not true! Jackets can be washed in a washing machine. Make sure that while doing so, you make use of mild detergent or washing liquid that is available to wash the woolens. Also, keep in mind that you use cold water to wash your jackets.

-Lubricate the zipper: If the zipper of your jacket is stuck and is irritating you, you can lubricate it using a bar of soap. Apply the soap and then open and close the zipper repeatedly for some time. This will fix your zipper.

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