Tips to Accessorize a Kaftan Kurti

kaftan kurtiIt doesn’t take much to look from drag to fab if you know the trick of dressing well. A woman can look stunning in any outfit, if it is accessorized in the right manner. This goes for Islamic outfits too! Yes, you heard it right – a woman can look ravishing in an Islamic garment if it accessorized correctly. One such Islamic outfit is a Kaftan Kurti which when accessorized perfectly, gives a fashionable and elegant appearance to the wearer. Here are a few tips to get you started:

-Team up with a Hijab: It is important for a Muslim woman to keep her head covered, and nothing can be better than a teaming up your Kaftan Kurti with a matching Hijab. This will look stylish and at the same time will allow you to follow the rules of Islamic dressing. Choose a Hijab of the same or contrasting color to team up with your Kurti. If your Kurtis is full of designs and prints, make sure you choose a plain Hijab as a Hijab full of designs and patterns will look over the top. In the same manner, if the Kurti is plain, you must choose a Hijab having designs and patterns.

-Wear leggings: Another way to accessorize the Kaftan Kurti is by wearing it with leggings. Leggings are comfortable to wear and keep the legs of the wearer covered. This again can be paired with the same color as that of the Kurti or you can choose leggings of a contrasting color. When you look at the variety of leggings, you can find various designs and patterns on the leggings, but while choosing a legging to be worn under a Kurti, always choose a plain legging.

-Pick a Kurti with embellishments: If you pick up a Kurti with embellishments, you can avoid wearing a neck piece. Moreover, a kurti decorated with sequins, embroidery, gems or stones on the neckline and sleeves looks beautiful…..

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