mens scarfFor Muslim men it has become equally important to get dressed as fashionably as Muslim women. They no longer lack when it comes to getting dressed in a trendy and fashionable manner. One such accessory that adds a style quotient to the overall Islamic outfits is a men’s scarf. A scarf when worn with an Islamic outfit, transforms the plain outfit into a trendy and stylish one.  Here is a buyers guide for all the men who are willing to pick up a scarf. Make sure you consider the following factors before choosing one:

    • Length of the scarf: Since Muslims drape the scarf over their heads and hang it loose down the shoulders, it is important for the scarf to be of a considerable length. Always choose a scarf that is long and wide, so that you can tie up the scarf easily into various folds. Also, if you choose a long scarf, you can try out various draping styles.
    • Thickness of the scarf: An ideal scarf is one that is neither too thick nor too thin. A thin scarf is difficult to drape as it will keep slipping off easily. Moreover, even if you tie it somehow, it will be difficult to maintain the scarf, unless it is secured firmly. If you choose a scarf that is too thick, you might feel extremely warm in the scarf and this might be a cause of discomfort.
    • Choose various scarf designs: There are some patterns that can never go wrong. Patterns like stripe, tartan and checks look good on every individual. Also, these patterns are always in and suit well with any outfit. Whether you plan to get dressed in a casual outfit or a formal outfit, these scarves can be teamed up with your outfit.
    • Choose colors: Buying scarves of various colors and teaming them up with color coordinated outfit will enhance your appearance. The only thing that should be kept in mind is that you should not choose bright colors as wearing flashy colors is prohibited in Islam. Try to pick a scarf of such a color that can be teamed up with maximum outfits – this will help you save money.
    • Check the loose threads: A scarf with loose threads looks extremely untidy and spoils the entire appearance. Make sure that the scarf you choose does not have any hanging and loose threads.
    • Price of the scarf: Last but not the least, along with all the above mentioned factors, the price of the scarf should be also considered. The range of scarves depends on factors like design, material and length. If you are looking for stylish yet cheap scarves, you can opt for online shopping. These shopping sites allow you to choose from a wide range of products that are available at low prices.

By considering the above mentioned factors, you can choose a fantastic scarf for yourself!

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