Your Fashion Guide to Get Dressed in a Hijab

Black HijabA Hijab is worn by every Muslim woman and is one of the apparels that is in high demand. A huge variety of hijabs for women are available in the market and one can choose a Hijab according to her desire. While draping a Hijab, there are a few things that must be kept in mind. Also, we will tell you on how you can look gorgeous in a Hijab. Read on to know more about the Islamic Hijab fashion.

  • Modest appearance: Getting dressed according to the latest fashion trends is appreciated, but not at the cost of modesty. This is the first thing every Muslim woman should consider. Focus on your appearance and pick up a Hijab that looks modest yet stylish.
  • There is nothing wrong in experimenting: If you want to become creative and want to experiment with the Hijab colors and styles, go for it! There is absolutely nothing wrong about it, as long as you are getting dressed modestly.
  • Avoid wearing too many textures together: The texture of your Hijab must be inversely proportional to your clothing. For example, if you are wearing a ruffled top, choose a simple Hijab that compliments your clothing. If at this point of time, you choose a Hijab with huge patterns and bright colors, your entire appearance will break.
  • Avoid wearing too many colors: You must plan your color combination very cleverly, else you will end up looking like a rainbow. If your outfit comprises of two colors, choose a Hijab that matches with the main color of your dress. Moreover, never wear a Hijab of the same color as that of your outfit. Complimenting colors look best!



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