What Muslim Children Must Know about Islamic Dressing

Islamic dresses for kidsMuslim children need to be taught the basics of Islamic dressing right from their childhood. By knowing the rules and regulations of Islamic dressing, they can keep in mind how they should dress, what they can wear and what is not appropriate for them. Though a huge variety of dresses are available in the market, you must teach your child to opt for Islamic dresses for kids. Kids tend to get lured on seeing the attractive and designer dresses available in the market or on online shopping sites, but you must teach the kids that they must only choose modest clothes as getting dressed modestly is one of the major rules of Islamic dressing.

Rules of dressing for boys

  • It is mandatory for the boys to keep their body covered from the navel to the knees
  • They cannot wear an outfit that is tight or clings to the body
  • Wearing see-through clothes is a big no-no for them
  • Boys are prohibited to wear clothes made from silk
  • Gold jewelry cannot be worn by Muslim men

Rules of dressing for girl

  • Every Muslim girl must keep her entire body covered except for the face, hands and feet
  • They cannot wear clothes that are captivating and attract the attention of the passer-by
  • Girls cannot wear body-hugging clothes that reveal the shape of the body
  • Girls can wear clothes made of silk and can also wear gold jewelery
  • Sheer clothes cannot be worn by any girl
  • The picture of any animal must not be found on the clothing

Types of Islamic dress for kids

  • Boys: Some of the popular Islamic dresses for boys include boys set, Jubba Dishdasha, cotton Kurta and tunic set, to name just a few.
  • Girls: Girls can get dressed in apparels like collar blouse, pants, prayer Abaya, jumper, embroidered Abaya and Kurti, just to name a few.

Things to consider while selecting clothes for children
There are some factors that must be considered while selecting clothes for Muslim kids. They are:

  • Design of the garment
  • Quality of the outfit must always be kept in mind. Make sure that the garment is made of a material that is thick enough to cover the skin of the body
  • Since apparels of all price ranges are available, you must ensure that you choose a garment that provides you value for money.

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