Latest Islamic Apparels: The Perfect Blend of Modern and Modest Clothing

Few years back, getting dressed fashionably was a dream of every Muslim woman, but today, with new designers coming up, looking gorgeous and trendy has become a dream come true for the Muslim women. The designers have transformed the traditional Islamic apparels into trendy outfits while keeping in mind the Islamic rules and regulations of dressing. Attention is paid to details of every clothing option and it is ensured that the garments are loose, made of thick material and cover the entire body. The variations have been made with the design, pattern and colors of the outfits. These outfits not only look stylish, but also provide comfort to the wearer. Let us have a look at the latest trends in Islamic apparels.

  • Abayas
    Available in numerous shades like black, browns, navy, lilac, green, blue, purple and pink, to name just a few, Abayas are one of the most popular modest Islamic clothing option. The Abayas available today are decorated with embellishments or are embroidered. The work done around the neckline, bodice, sleeves and hems give the garment an appealing look. To decorate the Abayas, designers use stones, sequins, embroidery threads and much more. If you are willing to pick up an Abaya that can be worn to a party, you can choose an Abaya having heavy decorations and if you are willing to choose an Abaya for daily wear, you can choose one with embroidery.
  • Jilbabs
    The trendy Jilbabs have been designed keeping in mind both style and modesty. Today, it is available in various fabrics like polyester, cotton, georgette and linen, to name just a few. Also, they are available in several colors and patterns….



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