Important Facts About Abayas

blue emroidered abayas

An abaya, resembles a robe, and is an important part of the Islamic traditional clothes. With changing trends, abayas have become much more fashionable. Designers have introduced different kinds of abayas, each of which can be worn in multiple distinct styles. For instance, kaftan sleeves are a popular feature in the abayas today.

A loose over-garment worn by Muslim women, abaya, serves as a means to cover the entire body, except the head, hands, feet and face. This robe-like outfit adds grace and elegance to the overall personality of the wearer, keeping the modesty intact. With high speed internet connection being available, people today can buy abayas online.

Origin of Abayas: A verse mentioned in the holy book Quran is considered to be the inspiration behind the introduction of abayas. The verse tells women to cover their body with a loose garment in such a way that the skin is not visible to anyone. According to the verse, women will stay protected by wearing such a garment. Abayas are usually multi-layered and loose, so that they properly cover the underlying figure of women. The actual motive behind the introduction of abayas is to divert attention from the charm and beauty of Muslim women. Islamic tradition clearly explains when and in front of whom, should a woman stay protected.

Design of Abayas: Normally, a thick fabric is used to design the abayas. The commonly used fabrics are polyester viscose, chiffon, silk, georgette, and net, to name but a few. To decide the required length of fabric, the concerned person is made to stand with their arms stretched out making an angle of 180 degrees. The length of the entire fabric used is double the distance between the floor and the shoulder. The distance between the palms while the arms are stretched out, is the required width of the fabric.

Style of Wearing Abayas: The basic style of wearing the abayas remains more or less the same. Designers however have come up with some trendy abayas such as those with a front knot or butterfly sleeves.

Embellishments in Abayas: Islamic outfits are never flashy. However, abayas sometimes have beautiful designs on them. These designs are made with sequins, stone work or laces. Some popular abayas feature colorful embellishments on black net fabric. Considering personal taste, comfort, occasions, and traditional concerns, a woman can choose any kind of abaya, be it simple, moderately embellished or heavily decorated.


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