Abayas at EastEssence – Islamic Clothing Available in Various Styles and Sizes

EastEssence Abayas

A quick review on global fashion trends for women confirms that one segment that has seen a major change and makeover, is the fashion, and style of dressing of 21st century Muslim women.

However, this transition has not affected the real essence of Islamic clothing. Muslim women around the world are still wearing similar kind of outfits that were worn hundreds of years ago, with equal pride and enthusiasm. Hijabs, jilbabs, niqabs and abayas, are still considered essential ensemble for Muslim women. Because of their conservative look and design, they are still an important part of Muslim fashion.

The changes in style are subtle. It is now fashionable to wear Islamic clothes in different colors and patterns, made with innovative craftsmanship. Besides, reputed designers have started experimenting with fabrics, prints, textures, as well as other elements such as beads, embroidery and lace, without much change in the core design.

Abayas and Other Muslim Dresses

Abaya is a loose fitting garment, worn by Muslim women on top of their regular clothing. It is similar to a traditional cloak that was designed to protect and cover everything below the shoulder, except the hands and feet. Muslim women all over the world wear abayas, and they are especially worn in countries that have a vibrant Muslim community.

Conservative Islamic rules dictate that Muslims should wear clothing, which covers them entirely, and that is the reason abayas are worn by women as a standard attire. Although traditional abayas used to be black in color, now they come in a variety of colors, designs and  fabrics.

Ecommerce – Linking Fashion and Culture

Arrival of ecommerce has led to the convenience of purchasing almost any kind of outfit online, regardless of the ethnicity. Abayas are also no exception. It is now possible to wear elegant looking, exquisitely designed abayas, even if you are not able to visit the community store. You can choose from a variety of abayas at EastEssence, in different designs, colors and sizes, according to your personal style and taste.

Until recently, trying to look for abayas online was a major task. Today, there are a number of online retail outlets like EastEssence, which sells innovative and glamorous looking abayas at highly affordable prices. EastEssence abayas come in an array of designs, styles and sizes, which includes abayas for plus size women.

Some of the points to be kept in mind while choosing an abaya online are – selecting the right color, as the color of the clothing might be a little different from what appears on the computer screen, selecting the right fabric, and checking the shop policies on refunds and returns…..

Originally Published at – http://eastessence.tumblr.com/post/120837549934/abayas-at-eastessence-in-various-styles-and-sizes


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