Traditional Muslim Garments Being Redesigned in Innovative Styles

Islamic Women Clothing

Traditional Muslim clothing is supposed to cover a person from head to toe. A burqua-clad woman can be easily spotted in a crowd. It is necessary that Muslims abide by Islamic guidelines and dress modestly. Nowadays, Muslim garments are being displayed as designer collections by top notch designers.

But, there are some standard requirements that a traditional Muslim garment should comply with. Some of them are listed below:

  • According to Islamic rules men and women should cover their entire body with appropriate clothing. Women have to cover their heads and faces too.
  • The garments should also be thick, i.e. wearing see through garments is not allowed. Neither the skin nor the shape of the body should be seen.
  • They are required to wear loose fitting garments, as the clothes should not cling to the bodies.
  • The overall appearance should be decent. They should look dignified in the clothes that they are wearing.

Effect of Globalization and Different Cultures

However, globalization and mixing of different cultures and traditions has resulted in clothing styles being blended all over the world. Where earlier there used to be region specific clothes that could be seen in one particular area, the situation has changed drastically today. Ease of travel and modernization has brought together a melange of styles, and new fashions have come up in Muslim clothing, which reflect the ethnic features of traditional Muslim garments.

While earlier, only simple and minimalistic was the approach, today things have changed a lot. Western cuts and styles especially, have great influence upon women Islamic clothes that are worn these days.

Although Muslims choose to dress in Islamic clothes regardless of the circumstances, environment and place. There is no objection to wearing Islamic clothes that are stylish, along with being modest. While working in other countries, Muslims choose to wear clothes that are Islamic and yet modern. This is where designer Islamic clothing comes into place. Designers work hard towards creating a mix of east and west in Islamic women clothing, which makes them trendy as well as modest and chic.

Shapes and cuts of Islamic clothes, such as jilbabs, abayas and jubbas, have evolved to such an extent that they incorporate elements like cuffs, collars and slits. All this adds a modern look to the garment, while maintaining a modest and decent look that is required in Islamic clothing.


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