Growing Trend of Wearing Long Skirts: Lots of Styles to Choose From

Cotton Skirts

Skirts have always been wardrobe essentials for girls of all ages. There are different styles but of all the styles, the long skirts are all-time  favorites. The long skirts are suitable for girls of all shapes and sizes. The reason being these full-length skirts, flowing at the bottom and fitting at the waist, perfectly accentuate a slim figure and at the same time, if worn by a heavy-set woman, the skirt can completely hide the negative features. These can be teamed with short kurtis and t-shirts. Printed cotton skirts of long lengths are quite popular.

If you really want to go for some skirt shopping, your present wardrobe should definitely look for the following types of long skirts:

  • Long gypsy skirt: These are the long flowing skirts with beads and mirror works, previously worn by belly dancers and now a rage among young girls. The best part of long gypsy skirt is that for shorter women, it adds to the height making them appear taller. These skirts are to be worn with a cotton kurti for an ethnic look or with a modern top for a fusion look.

  • Sarong skirt: Another favorite style in the category of long skirts is the sarong skirt. A long piece of printed fabric tied throughout the waistline, which drapes your waist and legs are perfect to be worn during summer in a night party around the beach or the pool.

  • Long pencil skirts: These are available in both knee lengths and full lengths. While the knee length pencil skirts are more for a professional look, the long pencil skirts give a more party look. Suitable for tall and slim girls, the long pencil skirts can perfectly accentuate the figure as they are usually available in stretchable fabrics which hug your body.

  • Maxi skirts: The maxi skirts are long ankle-length skirts, which are loose and free flowing. They are very fashionable as they are usually available in bright hues and colorful prints. Maxi skirts are particularly suitable to be worn in fall and cool winter days but the cotton skirts are suitable for summer as they are the most comfortable variety.

  • Pleated long skirts: If you are looking for long skirts, then don’t forget to choose the pleated long skirts. Made of chiffon, silk, georgette and even cotton, the pleats are sewn from the top of the skirt, which hangs from the waist to the ankle displaying the nice folds. These types of skirts look good on all figures. The solid tones are very popular.


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