Know a Little More About Your Kaftans

kaftan kurtiKaftans are in vogue, and much loved by Muslim women as they provide comfort, and at the same time look extremely stylish. Though kaftans for women are available in various materials, kaftans made of silk and polychiffon are the most popular ones. Once you buy a kaftan, make sure you take good care of the same, so that it remains like new for years to come. If your wardrobe is also full of some beautiful kaftan kurtis, here are some fashion care tips that can help you care for your kaftans in the best possible manner.

  • Look for the Labels: Many women make the mistake of not reading the labels on the garment before they wash it. Kaftans can come with any label like ‘only dry clean’, ‘hand wash in warm water’, ‘hand wash in cold water’ etc. Always make sure that you check the label before you start washing the kaftan. Washing the clothes according to the label will keep them in good shape for a long for a period of time.

  • Wash Kaftans of Each Color Separately: Never make the mistake of washing kaftans of different colors together. If the color of one kaftan bleeds, the other kaftan pieces might also get spoilt. To avoid this situation, wash kaftans of different colors separately. Even if the color of one kaftan bleeds, the other pieces will not get spoiled.

  • Prefer Handwashing the Kaftans: Since kaftans are made from delicate materials, they must be washed carefully. Also, some kaftans are decorated with embellishments that might get destroyed if washed in a washing machine. The best thing to do is to handwash these kaftans. Also, make sure that you use a mild soap and warm water to wash them…..

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