A Hijabi’s Guide to Survive Summers

Cheap Hijabs

Wearing a hijab gives an extremely elegant look to a Muslim woman, but it is no hidden fact that the same hijab can cause a little difficulty to the wearer during summers. However, choosing the right kind of hijab can help you survive summers. Let us have a look at some of the essential factors that must be kept in mind while using a hijab during summer.

  • Fabric: Many women make the mistake of buying a hijab depending just on its color and pattern. The first factor that must be kept in mind is the fabric of the hijab. The fabric you choose must be breathable and of light weight. Wearing hijabs made of cotton are ideal for summers. Furthermore, if you are looking for cheap hijabs, those made of cotton can be an ideal choice. Some of the fabrics that are ideal for summer are cotton, linen, georgette, jersey and rayon. The fabrics that must be avoided are acrylic, polyester and nylon.

  • Colors: Secondly, the color of the hijab must be chosen carefully. Light colors reflect light and and are an ideal option for summers. On the contrary, dark colors absorb heat and must be avoided. Hijabs of various colors are easily available in traditional shops as well as on Islamic shopping sites. Women can easily choose light-colored hijabs and pair them up with a dress of their choice.

  • Styles: A hijab can be draped in various styles. While draping the hijab in summers, make sure you do not choose a style where you need to drape it too tightly around your face or head. Keeping the hijab a little loose will give you space to breathe. Also, while pinning up your hijab, make sure you do not pin it up under your chin. Instead, pinning the hijab above your ear will allow you to breathe better.

  • Avoid Layering: Layering during summers is certainly not a good idea. Layering can make you feel hot and carrying the hijab might become even more difficult. Avoid wearing hijab caps during summers. If you fear that your hijab will keep slipping off your head, you can choose a cotton hijab so that it doesn’t slip off easily.

  • Go for Floral Patterns: Choosing hijabs having floral pattern is a great choice for the summer season. These hijabs can easily be paired with outfits of any color. Moreover, they give a soothing effect  and keep you cool.

By keeping in mind the above mentioned factors, you can wear a hijab, and stay stylish yet comfortable even during summers.


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