Jilbabs – an Ideal Islamic School Uniform

Islamic School Uniform

Vast majority of schools in Asian and Middle Eastern countries have school uniforms. This promotes a sense of belongingness and unity as well as teaches young children the importance of following rules. The type of uniform worn in schools mainly depends upon the ethnic area in which the school is located. Other factors that play an important role in deciding the type of uniform, includes the main religion of the place and the climate.

Non Muslim schools usually have their students wear pants and shirts – for boys, and skirts or dresses – for girls. In Middle Eastern countries though, uniforms are mostly in alliance with the Islamic dress code. Boys are usually dressed in jubbas, while girls are dressed in hijabs and jilbabs.

Jilbab is a long, loose garment that is worn over other clothes. The color of the school uniform – Jilbab, varies from school to school, as it depends on the symbolic colors of the school. The styles of jilbabs though, are usually similar, as Islam does not approve of stylish clothes being worn by women, outside their homes. Whether older or younger, all girl students are seen wearing similar jilbabs.

Although majority of schools in Arab countries are owned by Muslims, there is a small minority of Catholic schools as well. These schools may be run by Non-Muslims, but the uniforms still consist of jubbas and jilbabs. This shows respect towards the religion of the governing majority of the country.

Islamic school uniforms are usually made of fabrics that are comfortable and do not hinder a child’s performance in any way. Whether they are part of a uniform or worn on any other occasion, jilbabs are a symbol of unity and identity for the Islamic community. If they are part of the school uniform, young girls will start wearing them at an early age, and therefore, will not have any difficulty in accepting them later. Therefore, having jilbabs as school uniforms from an early childhood proves to be a great way of learning about conservatism and modesty, which is deeply rooted in the Islamic religion.

School uniforms are a great way of teaching young children discipline and good behavior as well as respecting each other. They also avoid discrimination and isolation, as everyone is dressed the same.


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