Modern Trends in Islamic Men’s Fashion

Islamic Fashion for Men

Simple and modest, Islamic clothing has now become a combination of tradition and trend. Garments like abayas, jilbabs, kurtas and hijabs have become much more popular today. Several fashion icons are offering their support for Islamic clothing today. As a result, Islamic fashion has made its mark in the global industry. A large number Muslim today can be seen wearing abayas and jilbabs in multiple impressive styles. Islamic fashion for men too has gone several steps forward, Today one can easily buy Islamic dresses online.

Islamic Outfits for Men – Combining Fashion and Faith:

There have been many changes in Islamic fashion over the years. However, the essence of tradition still remains intact in Islamic clothing, For instance, Muslim men today wear hoodies. These hooded sweatshirts are an impressive fashion statement today. Following points are considered while selecting these hoodies:

  • Fabric should be thick enough to hide the skin tone.

  • A bold color such as black or brown should be chosen.

  • Hoodies should be considerably loose, so that body figure of wearer is not visible

  • See-through materials are strictly prohibited.

  • There should not be any fancy patterns or flashy designs on hoodies.

  • Silk is strictly prohibited for Muslim men.

Like hoodies, jackets too have become a part of Islamic clothing today.

Popular Dresses Worn by Muslim Men

Following are some popular Islamic garments worn by men…

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