Types of Abayas That Are Suitable for Pregnancy

Maternity Abaya

Pregnant Muslim women usually look for abayas that they can use throughout pregnancy – which fits them well, as and when their belly grows with pregnancy. Of course, all abayas that are loose can serve well as maternity abayas, but there are certain styles that may be loose in the beginning and then later becomes tight around the waist and hips.

There are certain styles of abayas that work well in maternity and can also be worn after birth. Following are some of those abayas:

Butterfly Abayas: This style of abaya is designed with a seam that is sewn into the fabric, which creates a wavy look, as it leaves excess fabric on the sides of the garment. These seams are very easy to adjust, since it only requires sewing additional seams inside or outside the previous seam, and then later removing the preceding seam. This makes it a great maternity abaya, since the seam can be adjusted, to create more room at the waist or hips. The size can also be altered after birth, if it is too large.

Adjustable seams are present in full as well as sleeved butterfly style, so both of them can be worn during pregnancy. However, it is suggested that full figured women opt for full butterfly style, as it has excess fabric on the sides than the sleeved butterfly abaya, allowing it to be wider.

Bisht Abayas: The open width offered by this style makes it a great option for pregnancy. This abaya is designed in such as way that it remains loose. The waist measurement itself is about 100 inches, which makes it wearable by both slim as well as full figured women. The open width will make it comfortable through entire pregnancy, and you don’t even have to worry about alterations.

An added bonus is that the abundance of fabric enables toning down your weight. This style is purposefully wide, so it is comfortable to be worn post birth as well.

Shoulder Close Abayas: This abaya also works very well for pregnancy. The style has an open design with a piece wrapped around the front. The piece of garment is attached to the shoulder, to give it a closed look. Since the abaya is open and the front is wrapped, the style is flexible at the waist and hips, to a great extent.

This kind of abaya creates a little bit of problem as the front wrapped piece will not be secure. As the belly grows, the front part will fall to the side and will not stay in place. The solution to this is tying the front piece on one side, which keeps it in place over the belly. It can be tightened or loosened as per requirement.


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