Some Facts About Islamic Kurta

Islamic Mens Kurta

While modesty is a top priority for Islamic clothing, Muslim men and women both have the desire to look good. They have now become more conscious about what they wear and how they wear it. Islamic mens kurta for instance, has become a wardrobe staple today.

Kurtas were treated as simple garments in past. Being a traditional outfit, they were mostly worn for prayers and family functions. Popularity of kurtas grew over time and now they have become a part for western clothing fashion as well. Today people wear them for multiple occasions. Combination of kurta and pajama, which used to be an ordinary clothing option for Muslim men, is now a means for them to make an impressive style statement. Having been a part of Islamic clothing tradition for several decades, the kurta-pajama pair is worn with pride and enthusiasm, by adults as well as children.

Having originated in South Asia, the trend of wearing kurtas has influenced many countries. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of kurta designs to choose from. However, traditional kurtas still continue to be most popular among Muslim men. Suitable to be paired with loose trousers, pajamas as well as jeans, these kurtas are a fine garment for almost every occasion. Moreover, there is no need to visit shops for buying these kurtas. Numerous E-commerce websites provide these kurtas at reasonable price. Anyone having a smartphone, tablet, laptop or personal computer along with internet connection, can place an order on one of these websites and get the desired kurta delivered at home.

Despite the availability of multiple styles in kurtas, Muslim men need to be particular while choosing these. Following are some important points to keep in mind:

  • Kurtas should not have been made from any see-through material. Its fabric should be thick enough to hide the skin tone of wearer.

  • Length of kurta is another important factor. Starting from the shoulder, it should extend at least till the thigh of wearer.

  • Color of kurta should not be too bright. It is best to choose dark shade such as black and brown. Nowadays, people pick lighter shades such as blue as well.

  • Kurtas should be loose-fitting. This not only ensures comfort but also hides the body figure of wearer.

Fashion Tips on Kurtas:

To look best in kurta, you can follow these simple fashion tips:

  • Dark cotton kurtas having simple embroidery work are best-suited for formal occasions. Pair these with loose pajamas or trousers.

  • A light-colored kurta is suitable for casual look. Team it with loose jeans.


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