Abaya Fashion Trends: Transformation During the Years

Islamic Abaya Online

In the world of fashion, today, along with other style trends, abayas too have taken a centre stage. An abaya, the traditional loose gown which Muslim women wear over other clothes to cover themselves, has undergone a tremendous change in its style over the years. Today, Muslim women can look classy and beautiful wearing the abaya without compromising their religious obligations. Abayas can by styled in various ways to get a glamorous look.

Here are some remarkable changes in abaya fashion:

  • Colors:  First of all, abayas have made their presence felt in the modern world with the easy availability of various color options of the apparel. Gone are those days when abayas were available in black color only. Though black is still popular, women are experimenting with other colors too. They are now available in a wide range of colors, specially the earthy, neutral and light tones. Muslim women avoid wearing abayas in bright colors so as to avoid attracting unnecessary attention.

  • Prints: Abayas are also available in various prints nowadays. Fashionable Muslim women are experimenting with the printed abayas. The availability of fashionable abayas online have made it all the more easier to choose from various options.

  • Hijabs and Abayas: Muslim women are trying to add even more glamor to their abayas by playing with various styles and designs of hijabs. Printed and solid colored hijabs can be paired stylishly with abaya.

  • Embellishments: Designers are creating abayas with embellishments of various types like sequins, beads, mirrors, stones etc. The embellishments are usually seen in the sleeves, cuffs, neck collar and chest. These types of abayas are specially designed to be worn at weddings, festivals, religious ceremonies and other special occasions.

  • Sleeves and cuts: Since designers cannot make any changes in the length of the gown, they are experimenting with the sleeves and cut of the abaya. The sleeves can be flared or fitted or tailored in different shapes. While the straight fit from top to bottom is still popular, there are abayas that are designed to be fitted at the higher and lower waist. Some use a separate sash or belt to tie around the waist. Caftan style abayas are also trending. Collar designs have also changed over the years.

Earlier just a traditional outfit, abaya is now well-known in the fashion world as a symbol of classiness and elegance. It has undergone various changes keeping in mind the religion guidelines. There are special Islamic abaya online stores dealing exclusively with abayas for the fashionable Muslim women. These stores offer a wide range of options to choose from, as per your taste and budget.


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