Al Amirah Hijabs: Different Styles

Al Amirah HijabThe change in designing of hijabs has taken the world by storm, and today one can find a wide array of stylish hijabs in traditional shops and on online stores. Today, this traditional Islamic accessory is much more than just a hijab — it has transformed into a fashion accessory. Since it is important for Muslim women to wear a hijab all the time, designers have introduced various kinds of hijabs. Women can choose a hijab according to their requirements, i.e. for daily use and for occasions separately.

An Al Amirah is one of the most popular hijabs as this hijab is extremely simple to wear and stays in place even without the use of hijab pins. Generally, these hijabs constitute of a small under scarf and a large under scarf — this keeps the hijab in place and allows the wearer to perform the daily activities with ease.

Let us have a look at the various styles of Al Amirah hijab:

Solid Colored

Solid colored Al Amirah hijabs are the most popular ones as they can be paired with any outfit. Earlier, these hijabs were available only in black color, but today, one can get spoilt for the number of choices available. From pink, blue, turquoise to red, maroon and green, one can find a hijab of any color….

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