Islamic Prayer Rugs: A Great Gifting Option

Offering prayers is an important part of every Muslim?s life. Keeping this in mind, one can gift an Islamic prayer mat to a Muslim. Prayer mats are an ideal gifting option as a Muslim is not allowed to offer prayers without using a mat.

Occasions on Which an Islamic Prayer Rug Can Be Gifted

  • When Kids Turn Seven: As soon as the kids turn seven, they are expected to offer prayers to Allah regularly. Gifting an Islamic prayer rug to a kid on his/her seventh birthday can be a great idea. On receiving the prayer mat, the kid will have a sense of belongingness, and he/she will be motivated to use the same.

  • House Warming: When your friends or relatives move to a new house and invite you for a house warming party, Islamic prayer rugs can be a perfect gifting option as praying in a new house will bring peace and harmony for the family members. While choosing a prayer rug, make sure you select one that is woven in rich and dark colors. These mats are a little expensive, but they are truly worth the money. Not only will the receiver feel happy on seeing the gift, but will also get to see your generous side…

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