East Essence Working for the Welfare of Syrian Children


Almost everyone knows about the Syrian Civil War that began in 2011, and the terrible situation it has landed the Syrian children in. The impact of the war has caused almost 5 million Syrians to leave their homeland, out of which 2 million are children. While some of them have migrated to the neighboring countries, some others are yet to find a place to live. The Syrian civil war is also the cause of the tragic death of a young boy named Aylan Kurdi. The boy drowned when he and his family were trying to escape the country on a boat. Many young Syrian boys like Aylan are still holding on to the hope that they will be rescued some day and will be given an opportunity to lead a normal life.

Syrian children have not only been deprived of basic necessities, but also they are carrying with them a feeling of insecurity due to the trauma of the war. Being far away from their schools, these children are also finding it hard to receive the education they deserve. Hence, East Essence has taken the initiative to help them. It has started a campaign that aims to raise about $100000 for the welfare of Syrian children. Mercy Corps, an organization that is providing 86 percent of the total donation for this cause, will receive this donation and send it to the source. Over 258 million people have been benefited by Mercy Corps since 1979.

If you are wondering what this campaign is all about, here is your answer. A t-shirt design competition was recently held at EE headquarters. Participants in this competition were supposed to depict the current situation of Syrian children in their t-shirt designs. Numerous designs were submitted out of which the judges selected the best five. These t-shirts will be sold at eastessence.com and profits from these sales will be donated for helping Syrian children left homeless because of the civil war. EE aims to raise at least $100000 for this cause, for which your help is indispensable. You can purchase these newly designed t-shirts and wear them to spread more awareness on this issue. You can even encourage your family members, friends and colleagues to do the same. By purchasing these t-shirts, you will be taking a significant step for improving the lives of Syrian children.

– See more at: http://blog.eastessence.com/east-essence-working-for-the-welfare-of-syrian-children/


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