Shopping for Islamic Clothing Made Easier

Islamic Shirts East Essence

Often it is very difficult for Muslim men living in western and European countries to have an easy access to traditional Muslim clothing. In most cases, there is a lack of variety and traditional dishdashas or thobes are rarely available in all the markets.

But now with a plethora of online stores providing quality Islamic clothing, Muslim men from every nook and corner of the globe can choose from an exquisite range of thobes, dishdashas or even Islamic shirts. These sites offer quick delivery of various types of quality Islamic apparels.

The apparels available on these sites are in accordance with changing fashion trends and buyers can enjoy a wide variety of kurtas, thobes and even pleated kufi caps or bilal shoulder scarves. Some of the popular apparels of these sites are-

  • Islamic shirts- These shirts are usually made up of cotton and are available in a number of shades. These shirts can be worn with dark shades of pleated kufi caps for an elegant yet traditional look. Men’s military style shirts have slowly garnered popularity and are being preferred by male Muslim populace all over the world.

  • Kurtas- Buyers will be astonished to see the various styles of kurtas that are available on these sites. There are different types of Kurtas designed from cotton as well as those made from other fabrics such as chiffon. The most popular variants of kurtas are-

    -Kamaran Kurta
    -Chambray Kurta
    -Striped Kurta
    -Oriental Kurta
    -Mandarin Snap Kurta
    -Single Layer Kurta
    -Mahmoud Kurta

  • Thobes- Buyers also get to choose from an exquisite range of thobes on online stores. There are Moroccan styled thobes which will be perfect for a traditional function – one can also pick the classy embroidered Koshibo thobe for the same. Hooded thobes, the latest addition to the collection are hugely popular among the youngsters who like to flaunt a modest yet stylish look.

Not even men but also women have the liberty to choose from a wide variety of Islamic clothing which includes-

  • A plethora of hijabs ranging from the traditional and classic two-piece hijabs to the latest laced hijabs or iridescent tie and dye hijabs.

  • Muslim women will definitely relish the exquisite variants of abayas. One can choose an exotic maxi dress abaya or an elegant bat-wing abaya for a splendid look.

  • There’s a huge collection of shirts, kurtis and salwar kameez for women to choose from. These are available in different colors and are perfect for any occasion be it traditional, formal or casual.

  • Muslim women will surely be impressed by the quality of tunics as well as the variety of designs in these garments offered by online stores. They can team an embroidered hijab with a layana laced koshibo tunic for a graceful and a modest look.


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