5 Essentials of every Hijabi wardrobe

Black Abaya Dress East EssenceWhether you sport a headscarf or a full blown Jilbab or Abaya, you belong to the #hijabi community! Sisters, we thought to key you in, on some major Essentials of hijab for women which you just can’t miss!

1. Black Abaya- whether you call it a maxi dress or team it up like a baggy gown, the likes of these be it a cotton hijab with an A-line hem is an absolute spot-on and finds its way into the wardrobe of every HIjabi. As the adage goes black is beautiful and this surely runs a major mile with our covered sisters!

2. Headscarves- Multi colours, multi prints multi designs and choicest materials, you have it all available for a headscarf. A headscarf is generally a stepping stone towards modest wear when our sisters come to the fold of hijab. And you might have noticed that even though the drawers might be oozing of the surplus headscarves , you have never got enough of the pashmina, cashmere, woolen or silk scarves

3. Hijab pins- That’s more likely when you’re wearing a headscarf. It works well for the amateurs and avid users alike. It not only helps to hold the scarf in place but also manages to add as an accessory. These days many fancy pins are used to accessorize the hijabs and hence you have the broaches and emeralds and other fancy stones engraved in those pins .Give it a go what say?

…Read More at- http://eastessence.tumblr.com/post/132856016159/5-essentials-of-every-hijabi-wardrobe


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