How to take care of your scarves

Black Pashmina East EssenceAsk a lady if she could do without a scarf and there are good chances she’ll reply negative. Almost every woman loves to sport a scarf and styles it round her shoulder or neck and we aren’t even delving into numerous possibilities of styling here. As an essential wardrobe commodity, it’s only imperative to take care of your lovelies to increase its longevity. I’m sure we must have met many women in our life who still swear by their soft Pashminas, Cashmeres and silks and the love only increases manifolds when they are woven into scarves. The Islamic scarf for women too has undergone many innovations in the recent years to accommodate varied tastes and sensibilities.

Well, hold it right there coz we’ve got some handy tips to help you add some more years to the apple of your eyes.

For starters, wash care-labels attached to every scarf should be seen as a holy grail when it comes to taking care of your fabrics. The other alternative to a regular scarf is hand-washing with a mild soap or detergent. Wash it with cool water for a hot spring might just rub the print off your fabric. Remember, it’s always best to air dry your scarves rather ironing. Don’t forget to store your scarves in a cool dry place like a chest drawer maybe!

For exclusive fabrics like Pashminas, silks or woolen read on further

Pashminas- The luxurious soft fibre of the pashmina scarf drawn out of the coat of cashmere goats is volume of richness when styled over oneself. Precaution should be taken to adequately use moth balls lest it gets devoured by moths.

Silks- Apart from abiding the general instruction for scarves, one must be careful enough to not run in the scarf with a strong detergent as it could bleach out the dye.

Woolens- If one is not careful enough to wriggle them with care while washing, the fabric very quickly loses itself to bubbling and has ugly wrinkles in its early usage. Therefore it’s always suggested to steam iron the wool. Be careful not to overdo it as it again leads to spoilage. Interestingly, woolen scarves if worn regularly will begin to show signs of being worn out more quickly in comparison to others.


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