Have You Heard of Islamic T-shirts?

Off late T shirts have been known to carry a quirky, humorous, snappy, pun intended or famous statement emphasizing a certain part of the carrier’s attitude. For long people have also been known to make bold statements by wearing a tee with an anti-something slogan on it. Likewise, we’ve had universities and colleges channeling the trend by reinstating faith to the respective Alma-Mater by commercializing it through sale of hoodies and tees which also goes a long way in building the brand.

And along comes Islamic T-shirts. Well as the name connotes, the tees under this line attempts to establish, re-establish as well as re-iterate the idea of ‘deen’ through the popular channels of commercialization and in this case it goes en route retail. The other thing about Islamic t-shirts is that it isn’t supposed to sport any picture of anything living or considered defamatory on any account as per Quranic and hadith interpretation. Thus you’ll always find those t-shirts to be not picturing any human picture leave alone the bootylicious ladies which you generally find on t-shirts.

Many popular Islamic YouTube channels like The Merciful Servant or the Prophet’s path have been famous for popular tag lines of ‘Just Dua it’ or ‘You only live twice’ or ‘One Ummah one body’ point out the significance of these statements under the light of hadith or widely accepted Islamic notions.

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Some other feature beautiful Arabic calligraphy stating salaam (peace), which is muslim salutation or some sport the different names of Allah. All in all the collection attempts to raise awareness about the religion to general masses with a rather casual approach. This not so-direct yet subliminal communication works psychologically as well amidst the widespread onslaught of negative perception of Islam in media.

Some other examples of Islamic tees also include famous Arabic lines or infusing Arabic words like ‘akhi‘, the quote being what’s up akhi? to send out positive vibes and warmth from the community. The rampant sale of Islamic tees takes roots from the dawaah activities popularized by different mediums of social media extensively, YouTube and Facebook. Moreover, this regular production is more popular in European as well as some Middle East company owing to the growing fold of Islam in these countries.


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