The Eternal Love- Jacket Love

Jackets East EssenceNothing spells ‘badass’ as does a pair of tan leather jackets. The boots, the denims and even the bike comes in later. The fascination of women with jackets has been a long-standing relationship which was initially motivated by necessity and then by style, comfort and now just the sheer love for it has grown so much so that it finds a use in almost all quarters of the seasons. Be it summer or sunshine or the wintery wobbles, life without a jacket is not a pretty picture and hence we have different fabrics like cotton, knit, wool ,leather or even polyester to cater to the season’s demands by cutting out a jacket.

As no two foot is alike similarly, women’s choices in terms of jackets too are diversified. Some like it short and cropped while others like it long like a robe and this is the category where Muslim women best fit in where they want to try full-sleeved Islamic –jackets.

Though there’s still not a significant industry around these Islamic –jackets but a sizeable chunk prefers these all the year-round i.e. jackets which are shariah-compliant….

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