The Many Faces of Abaya

Abayas Online East EssenceThere is probably one piece of Muslim clothing which has remained the same perhaps across geographies and culture with more or less, little modification to bear the test of time and that is Abaya.

Often dubbed as a predominantly black colored, loose garment, which is full sleeved and goes floor-length, the Abaya fashion which has now taken the Islamic world by storm is a complete different picture than how it was conceived. Originating from the Arab peninsula, traditionally it was a long drawn cloth covering from head to toe. The rationale behind the color black was attributed to the diktats of hadith and Qura’n interpreted into modest dressing where it was condemned to show off one’s under-dressing or clothes which might garner unwarranted attention in lieu of ladies –wear. Hence light, semi-lucent or transparent fabrics were discarded into weaving a traditional abaya.

If you search for Abayas online, chances are you’ll meet a mutated form of the original dress donned with rich embellishments, sequins, or embroidery on to a host of different fabrics. The diversity of the fabric extends from silk, to cotton silk, linen or chiffon among various others. Moreover, the sizable and significant cuts, folds or patch –work or other add ons in the form of accessories like an elastic belt, hijab, or hand gloves etc. managed to give Abaya its due by keeping it in the limelight…

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