What’s With All These Fleece Jackets?

SONY DSCWere you too struck by the sight of numerous women sporting fleece jackets this fall? Of course you must have unless you are living under a rock. I mean, I know it’s not that unnatural but, these fleece cardigans and jackets seem to have taken the market by storm. And the women seem to love it on all accounts. For the uninitiated if you are still wondering the what’s & how’s, lead on!

Generally, fleece jackets are considered to be very light weight in comparison to your regular heavy woolen fabric and the fleece i.e. hair is extracted from certain selected sheep and yaks which is considered to have some amazing insulating properties. Brownie points huh? Being light weight and heat insulent, the fleece is weaved into many other products for textile consumption in the form of fleece comforters, sweaters, shawls, scarves or even blanket. For all we know just check these celebrities and their penchant for fleece on Instagram and you’ll have your answers.

And perhaps there’s no surprise in guessing that owing to popular demand, fleece does get churned into fancy eye-popping colors and made into a plethora of wearables. Though some might doubt its efficiency in cold winters in comparison to the winter staples like a hoodie, it still wins hands down when it comes to style and utility. And if you look closer online you might even be able to spot hooded fleece jackets for women. Yup the lethal combination of a hoodie woven into fleece makes it all parts alluring for us women.

It’s also interesting to note that the market for fleece is dominated by a significant margin by women. (Sorry men, you lost it there to us) And it’s because of this that many retailers & E-tailers are catering to this fetish of Women’s hooded fleece jacket. You’ll be surprised to see even sweat-shirts being made dressy coz fleece allows the comfort to add more drama to the designs and cuts. But then everything that glimmers is not gold, they say it gets proven with the many lower quality faux-pas fleece fakers posing as the original in the market. Though buying one doesn’t cost you a bomb, it’s better to educate yourself to differentiate between genuine fleece and the lower quality.


One thought on “What’s With All These Fleece Jackets?

  1. Fleece jackets looks so cool on wearing, specially when you are pairing them with a modest pant gives a perfect look. I loved the recently added collection of jackets of east essence. My husband gifted me one last week only.

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