What’s Your Pick –A One-Piece or a Two Piece Hijab?

Two Piece Hijab East Essence

Now, we all know that no –two people are alike not even Siamese twins and the complexes get further comprehensive if it’s women and their clothing style. We have aptly noticed that even the styling of a modest wear differs drastically from one woman to another when it comes to matters of faith. Some like a burqa, others like Abaya, or Jilbab while the rest like to sport a hijab or a scarf sparingly on the head while others don’t carry that as well. So in order to cater to one’s needs and preferences while many resort to DIY, there are others who meticulously seek out suppliers of retail items which match their customized needs.

Perhaps one of the most common pieces of modest item of the list of a Hijabi wardrobe which has been worn in multiple styles owing to the cultural and regional impact of the geographical location is a ‘hijab’.

Be it donning it as a simple head covering or ruffled fold scarf or adorned with hijab pins and broaches, this hijab has always managed to catch the fancy of the Hijabi sisters world over. For a proper fit, hijab is often worn along with an inner head cap to cover the loose strands and the scarf (hijab) is later fastened with a hijab pin to set in the hair. Similarly, these days designers have also solved this two-piece hijab issue and fused it together into one as a one piece hijab. Wherein there is adequate coverage over the forehead and the loose locks or strands easily get covered…

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