Get Those Traditional Thobes Online

Thobes Online EastEssence

Thobe, Dishdasha, Thwab, Kandhura or simply a robe, many aliases but has one universal feature and that’s of providing easy comfort and style. Originating from the deserts of Arabia, this traditional Thobe came in with traditional motifs of being white flowy cotton trousseau, donned for men to ward off the arid humidity of the land and helped in providing ample air circulation by being this ‘breathable’ fabric.

This unique garment (thobe) is also variably used by men in Gulf pastures as a staple dress more so by the natives of the land and hold it quite dearly to their cultural and religious ethos. It’s needless to say that this garment according to them promotes a sense of equality of the classes by blurring the status quo in terms of attire. Just as men stand in congregation for the salah together wearing these thobes, it’s almost impossible to point out the social hierarchy by differentiating one from another which is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam when it comes to promoting equality and brotherhood. But one can definitely see certain modern renditions of the cultural attires in the contemporary men’s fashion scene. The young men seem to not bereft of any ideas when it comes to experimenting with accessories and many young men could be seen flaunting their Rolexes & Tag Heurs, which is quite popular with the younger generation. The other accessories donned with the garment are brightly hued Mussar in Cashmere wool.

Moreover, every state gives in its own cultural imprint to the traditional Thobe. So You’ll have an Emirati Kandoura which mandates an Inside T shirt to be worn while carrying the traditional khanjer at the waist-belt. It is known as Dishdasha in Kuwait while the Bahrainis prefer to call it Thobe. However one of the most significant features would be the stand collars with rich embroidery. These traditional motifs again get played differently by different states. The Bahrainis prefer to have an open front with a hidden button placket. And sometimes, these very buttons are replaced by precious gems or stones. And another significant semblance of the attire is position on cuffed collars. A Thobe traditionally is known to sport cuffed collars.

Greedy much?  Well you don’t need to invoke the call for a Saudi tailor, just make purchase of your thobes online. With many such Islamic stores springing up, you just need to make sure what catches your fancy, fine tune a bit to personalize it with your customization and voila-your very own first thobe at your door-step.


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