Try Combination Hijabs for an Eclectic Wardrobe

Cheap Hijabs EastEssenceOne question which is always there in the minds of a Hijabi or a modest Islamic fashion enthusiastis to buy hijabs befitting various occasions, moods and seasons. But then that’s a dream come true right …? and that’s why many manufacturers and producers come up with up market high quality durable material to be used in making a headscarf to make the consumer experience an engaging one. However, one finds hijabi sisters not often complaining about the quality but rather the prices which in most cases goes premium being directly proportional to the quality.

While many Fashion bloggers in the Islamic modest fashion industry aren’t too much in awe of the exorbitant prices but they do necessitate the need to experiment with different prints, cuts folds, styles and motifs. And this could only become a common practice if these hijabs are available on a mass scale for everyday woman to be used regularly. A grab on something fancy is always nice to add to the cool quotient of these ‘traditional’ scarves and a mass scale production will enable the women to do just that. There are so vivid styles of draping and folding a Hijab that it almost becomes a cultural reminiscent of the place it belongs to. For example a turban –styled Hijab is way too common in Africa, Turkey and certain parts of Egypt and Morocco. It is also interesting to note that these Hijab styles have originated keeping in lieu of the climatic and geographical positioning of their respective states. So while Africa has turban styled Hijab owing to the hot tropics, China has a shorter version of hujabs donned by the muslims which extends to neck. It is also known as pep- hijab popularly.

Continuing the line of thought if you ever considered buying cheap hijabs as in terms of moolah then you should consider yourself a smart shopper and deserve a pat on your back for you know how important it is to keep in touch with the ongoing trends and fashion impulses. Off the many benifts of buying a low cost hijab is that you can make a combination Hijab using different prints and tones to add some ‘drama’ to your hijab by layering it.


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