How Women Shrugs Provide the Ultimate Ease in Ramadan

Women Shrugs EastEssence‘Ramadan Kareem’ it’s not long before we start hearing these sweet greetings into our ears. Indeed it’s just round the corner and the countdown has almost begun with only four weeks to go. Ramadan for every Muslim is a significant period to contemplate and analyze one’s relationship with God and the society respectively. This is the very innate idea of Ramadan wherein one exercises self-control in terms of one’s food, attitude and actions and takes every measure possible to dress up neat, clean and modestly for there are special brownie points for observing all the fard and sunnah prayers.

All the practicing Muslims have already started their preparation for the same which ranges from spiritual action plan to food items providing maximum comfort and nutrition to clothes and other items which are to be given as charity in sadaqah and zakat. This is thus no surprise that of the many items given in zakat to mosques or people, Qur’an, prayer mats, prayer beads and clothes form the more popular options. Generally women who make up such care packages add scarves and Abaya in abundance for young and adolescent girls so that those items could be put into use. Now talking about womenfolk who are usually the care-givers and food –makers in the house, there life seems a tad bit difficult with the preparation of all the delectable ‘iftaar’ expected of them. So it only becomes obvious to at least help oneself with comfortable clothing which not only gives them great comfort but flexibility to offer salah and prepare food all in the confines of the house without the need for changing clothes every now and then. Women shrugs of modest length have increasingly found wide acceptance in the Muslim-world. You get them in varied materials and fabrics which range from wool to mélange, stretch-knit to jersey-fit acclimatized to suit different room temperatures. There are also others available with fancy net details and eclectic colors and prints as well as with other cultural and traditional motifs to enhance the look of the shrug. The shrug in many cases metamorphosizes into a full length jacket with an appeal of an over garment to camouflage any short tops or skinnys which one could be wearing inside. Thus this is one such garment which helps you ease out during Ramadan.


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