For All the Ramadan Muslims: Your Essentials Listed Here

By now, I am  pretty sure you must have heard the words ‘Ramadan Muslims’ thrown in some random conversation of yours, or the religious friday sermons by the sheikh (Khutbah)  in the local mosque. Afterall, with Ramadan just round the corner, it’s hard not to notice some Mulims going the extra mile to look more religious, act more religious and give up on their ‘sins’ condemned by the Sharia law like smoking, alcohol, gluttony, procastination and most importantly resuming to offer salah. This reference of the term to the Muslims with new found faith and viogour in the month of Ramadan to practice Islam, is often looked by some as a petty move by some Muslims who indulge in sins all the year round and overcompensate for it in the holy month of Ramadan by their sunnah and salah. And for those reasons, here’s an easy list to help such Muslims to check their ‘Ramdan gear’ by ticking all their boxes.

1. Adopt Modest way of Dressing- One of the prime Islamic values advocated in the Qura’n is of modesty which easliy translates into one’s attire. This holds typically true for Muslim sisters who start wearing scarves or adhere to a more modest code of Islamic attire during this month. Buy enough jilbabs and Abayas to attend the taraweeh and juma’h sessions.

Prayer Abaya EastEssence

2. Kufi caps & Shoulder scarves- Men are in ardent need of these Ramadan essentials like Kufi caps and shoulder scarves in their wardrobes. The traditional Keffiyeh in black and white reminiscent of the middle east style also keeps in handy for those sweltering Ramadan days in summers. Add to that your dishdashas and thobes and you are good to go.

Shoulder Scarf EastEssence

3. Prayer-beads & prayer Rug- Just in case you were wondering if your earlier Prayer rugs and Tasbeeh have been swallowed by some massive sink -hole (owing to years of neglect); fret not and buy more. For starters, start with tasbeeh with color beads to help you with the daily dhikr as well as facilitating in keeping an easy tab while counting.Similarly opt for a modest prayer rugs to help you concentrate better. Buy more to distribute in charity i.e sadaqah and zakat in your local community.

Tasbeeh Beads EastEssence

Well, Ramadan Muslims here you go easy with the aforementioned list. Apart form this you can also help in organising community meets, visit your local hospital and also help the elderlies in carrying out their daily activities. RAMDAN KAREEM Everyone !


One thought on “For All the Ramadan Muslims: Your Essentials Listed Here

  1. I ordered a shoulder scarf for my husband few days back for EID from Eastessence and gifted it to him, he was so pleased with it, he loved the color totally.

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