Hijab Pins Are No More Pins but Pieces of Jewelry

Hijab Pins EastEssence.jpg

How often do you find yourselves frantically searching for the ‘lost’ pin from your headscarf? I guess almost every day. I feel it’s just one of those great mysteries of nature that when a pin falls to the ground, it almost sinks into some underground black-hole of invisibility for you’ll never find it again. I can personally vouch for that and know that there are others too who share the same opinion.

Hijab Pins are a major part of making up a nice, stable hijab which stays firm on your head and does not let your hair pop out. But tucking them in is the real wonder work and that exactly gives rise to many different hijab styles as well. Just check out YouTube Hijabi bloggers and you’ll know what exactly I’m talking about. Be it a cropped hijab or layery or a flairy hijab affair, pins always come to the much needed rescue when it comes to fastening on to that precious piece of cloth on your head.

But of late the saga doesn’t end here, many young modest fashion enthusiasts are increasingly using broaches and other similar ornate pins as part of their hijab to augment their style quotient. Well broaches being used as pins in Hijab is not exactly a new discovery but rather a revisited trend which is popularly endorsed by the likes of Arab women.  This also helps women to accessorize their hijabs for occasions when they want to go all bling and that usually happens at Desi weddings(South Asian weddings). This perflectly helps in complimenting the glam dazzle of your wedding trousseau. Similarly, it’s no surprise that Hijab accessories are trending on the social media circuits like Pinterest or Instagram with many takers and givers on styling tips. And nobody seems to be complaining.

Another interesting thing about these Hijab pins is that they are no longer pins but have easily morphed themselves into being elegant pieces of jewelry like broaches or Hijab Chains. Yes, you heard that right, chains with pins. How cool is that? There are endless possibilities to style hijab so wear your Thinking Caps let the creative energies flow in.


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