Check out the Latest Islamic Tunics in Sports Wear

So what exactly do you mean by Islamic Tunics? For the uninitiated, it speaks of Modest piece of clothing which is deemed halal in Islamic decorum of dressing up. It should meet the simple criteria of being non-flimsy, non- flattering, and sufficiently long enough to cover one’s torso. Well, that’s the basic idea of any clothing being Islamic.



Increasingly, Daily wears, too are roping in elements of modest clothing. Something as simple as a hooded jacket is customized to almost give way to a hijab for the women. The jackets are made long enough for modest dressers and hence gives way to hooded tunics. This has majorly branched out to give form to Islamic sports-wear. And it also gives credence to the fact with many Hijabi sports-women wearing modest clothing and covering their heads at the ongoing Olympics, 2016. Many women from Egypt could easily be seen wearing tunics and jackets with hoods modified hijabs.

SportsTunic EastEssence

However, we do allow room for creativity and hence almost all modest tunics do have an element of fancy embedded in it. Be it the fabrics like chiffon, and varied variety or the weave like Croatia knits, these tunics have been explored in more ways than one all over the world. Another thing to go by is that Islamic Tunics for women aren’t only for Muslims but for anyone who is a modest dresser and that’s found in many communities.So for all those sports enthusiasts who initially felt jittery with the lack of appropriate sports-wear have their grievances addressed in the name of Islamic tunics. They are generally teamed with coordinated tracks and hence keep up with the many fancy combinations available in the markets.

The material for such fabric generally ranges from stretch lycra to medium weight polyester and accommodates many utilities in its make. You have pockets on side cuts and bottoms and a detachable hood or a combination Hijab with the purchase of many such Islamic tunics. The material fabric of such clothing keeps on improving with innovation and technology thereby making the fabric adept for its cause. Currently many intense physical training and activities require lycra which is deemed as a breathable fabric. This is a ground breaking move to make an effort of accepting of all communities by being all inclusive.


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