Versatile Muslim Tunics Are for Everyone


So what exactly does one mean by Muslim Tunics? Is it Tunics which are only worn by Muslims or do they have some special Muslim Characteristics? Well, the truth is that it’s a little bit of both these statements and yet not entirely true. People from the south Asian community know these Muslim Tunics by a more familiar name in the colloquial language and it too a large extent resembles a part of a daily garment worn regularly and that’s salwar -kamiz. The kamiz over here is also known as a Kurti. But to answer the question a Muslim Tunic has a characteristic long length and amply covers the bottom thus making it compliant with Islamic ethics of dress-code. They generally extend to knee lengths or beyond and are asymmetric in nature.

On the other side of the world, these long tunics are worn by women of various faiths and not only relegated to a particular faith or community. The plus side to this outfit is the sheer versatility it offers in terms of teaming it together with layering, be it cigarette pants, leggings, palazzos, jeans or trousers, the possibilities are endless. Similarly, you get to experiment with such vivid varieties of patterns,prints and cuts.You have the usual round hemmed, square hemmed, tent hemmed and long and short hemmed cuts which sell like hot cakes in the market. Alternatively,the women who don’t don hijab or are not too particular about teaming it with a legging are often seen wearing such tunics as dress. There are also ample varieties of tunic dresses which are tweaked to perfection to fit into the wardrobe of every women be it Hijabi or non-Hijabi. Further, a plethora of colors add the much needed fancy to team it up with skater jackets, cardigans and vests.

Didn’t I mention they are versatile, adjusting to a variety of stylists and manages to amp up their style quotient. So these Muslim Tunics are pretty life savers for any occasion, whether you are short on time to piece together an outfit for hangout or a breezy brunch or quiet day all by the books on your couch, you’ll find them handy and quiet affordable. So what are you waiting for grab yours if you haven’t already!


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