Modest Clothes Bring out the Beautiful in You


What many people fail to see is that Modest clothing or modesty in dressing is not your regular fashion fad or season’s latest grab but it’s a way of life. Thereby moving beyond the superficiality of brands, and commercialism as instilled by the world of advertising modest clothing makes a statement on its own.

Since modest dressers are also commonly seen as power dressers for they reserve the right on their body to decide what to show and what not to, there’s always a shade of sharpness to the way they carry themselves with much élan. Modest Clothing also carries undertones of being neat and defined and successfully manages to cover one’s body. Alternatively, such dressers command a lot of respect from the society at large for people value them for their self-worth and not for their physical attributes.

Off late there have been a number of movements to bring out such modest dressers on to the mainstream media and many modest dressers actively participating or holding on to key positions and roles in the society. Ibtihaj Mohammad, Noor Tagouri and Dina Tokio are many such celebrated examples of women in sports media and fashion respectively holding on to the mantle of modesty in turbulent times of Islamophobia. One also has to note that, modest dressers are not only related to a particular faith or community but are united in ideology across the visible segregated lines of race, faith and gender.

Modest Clothes are also easier to source from your wardrobe as there’s no particular brand, faith or designer who has the sole proprietorship on this trend. However, one could find many Fashion gurus and experts online doling out excellent tips and tricks to up one’s style game and add an element of finesse into their looks. Charting online one could see a hybridity of modern contemporary looks modeled on traditional scarves, Abayas, thobes and robes. While one could always resort to DIY tricks while fiddling with layering and a dash of creativity, there now are huge mainstream contemporary fashion brands, appeasing its modest buyers with their customized range attuned to the taste of the modest dressers.


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