The New Wave in Cosmetics Is Halal Cosmetics

Admit it ladies, the love for cosmetics for a woman is an unending love affair which only grows deeper with time. I’m sure almost all of us remember our first brush with lipsticks in secret, hidden away from our mothers which gave us new thrills. Well, on that note we could probably sum up that cosmetics are an easy outlet to women’s creativity and passion and the big brands make all the moolah encashing on this weak nerve of women.


Well, but all is not so good in this La la land as for years many NGO’s and other liberal social circles have been fighting against animal testing done on small animals for their products. The big corporations are yet to find an alternative humane way to test their products and are in constant legal waters with the likes of such organizations. The other thing which is equally disturbing is the raw material used in making such cosmetics which deems it equally unacceptable by certain faiths. The use of animal fat namely pig fat, whale fat etc. causes much emotional duress as well as lends itself to give a thought on the ecological impact for such purposes.

Thus, there are many women of faith who now advocate for ‘halal’ practices, or halal raw materials to be used in making such cosmetics which has thus given rise to Halal cosmetics. These are made using natural fibers and natural Dyes. While some are plant based others are made out of chemicals which are not harmful on the human skin. You now have many products in the market with the likes of Halal nail polish or halal lipsticks. They are fashioned in such a way as to make water permeable on the nail enamel and lips respectively. The products which are deemed haram in cosmetics basically stop water to come in contact with the skin which is a necessary condition for completing wudu (ritualistic cleansing of face, hands and legs) before performing salah. This is great news for women who are sensitive to such issues and can now continue their passion for everything make-up. After all, give a woman a right lipstick and she’ll conquer the world.


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