Fall’s Favorite – Long Sweaters for Women


Perhaps, fall wouldn’t be just as dreamy if it weren’t for the colors donned by women in the season. One can very well understand that eclectic hues taking form of mufflers, cardigans, pullovers, sweatshirts, long coats and last but certainly not the very least -basic sweaters. It seems the fashion to wear your woolen knits as way of long sweaters from the 70’s has never really left the limelight for every year we see glimpses of it being adorned on celluloid or on ramp walks.

And just in case if you thought that women’s knit sweaters wouldn’t have much room for experiment then you are in for a surprise. They upright differ with from being made with different materials like acrylic and lycra to being made of varying lengths to accommodate a range of definite looks for instance social commitments to work-wear looks. One look at Pinterest and you’ll know what I’m saying. These sweaters are molded to give form to tops or a low and high rise sweater with cuffed hems. There are others with frills like mufflers and cowl necks incorporated into their sweaters.

The other utility efficient tweaks made into these long sweaters for women has been the addition of deep pockets on the side to keep one’s hands warm. Some also come along with detachable hoodies which further keeps your ears warm and saves you from a bad hair day. The innovation and creativity brought into this outfit calls for little to no effort in terms of accessorizing. Just team it up with a nice pair of black warm tights, or skinnys and you are good to go. It’s an absolute no-fuss-glam -look which speaks volumes on not only effortless styling but utility and efficiency.

Not to mention the new zipper accents found on the shoulder patches or side panel also gives new meanings to the monotonous long sweaters and is quite popular with the Millennials. Such sweaters for women are ubiquitous and easily makes it from fashion corridors to street alleys taking the street -fashion game a notch higher.


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