The Nuances of Modest Clothing

Perhaps, one of the best things to happen to Hijabi sisters, this decade is the Avant Garde rise of modest fashion rubbing on mainstream sensibilities. Never, did the world was this ready to acknowledge, welcome and embrace to modest fashion as another styling fad contemporary to other fashion aesthetics. You now have covered hijabi sisters as celebrated billboard models for popular brands, famous make-up artists, entrepreneurs in the world of retail, food and lifestyle. Also, the fact that hijab is now commonly been dished out by popular mainstream fashion labels like H&M, Dolce & Gabbana are just few of the big names helping to strengthen this endeavor.


Working with Modest clothing could be seen by many as a hindrance or a limitation but with the challenge to cover one’s body more gracefully and yet be splendidly picture perfect gives the much-needed creative thrust to fashion designers to think out of the box. Many popular contemporary cuts, styles, prints and fabrics get customized and roped in as per the modest Islamic aesthetics and sensibilities to render a woman more comfortable being fashion-forward yet faith compliant. You- have many a hybrid version of couture Abayas, as ball gowns and Maxis as well as tunics. Jumpers and shirts and tees all with modest lengths to help women not feel left out on contemporary trends. Similarly, you have customized Islamic versions of beachwear (burqinis), and active -wear for women who love the sand and sea as well as women who play sports or keep fit.

Perhaps, it’s not uncommon to see the rising level of awareness and consciousness in relation to Muslim fashion aesthetics-courtesy social media. In the world of Instagram and Pinterest, there’s little to no chance that you commit a fashion faux-pas, because you are constantly bombarded with tricks, styles and styling options at the flick of a button. Young girls who are unwilling to give up on faith and fashion are toeing a fine line between what could be deemed as halal or haram and the world of social media makes it easier to make informed choices.


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