Growing Acceptance of Hijab Fashion in Sports

Chandelier Spotted Hijab

Hijab is a way of life and part of a Muslim women’s faith. It is a symbol of modesty, an entity of spiritual-connect, and fashion statement for women but it was never accepted in sports activities. Until recently, when Nike launched its Pro Hijab collection for female Muslim athletes.

Made of breathable, lightweight, sport-ready fabric, the pro-hijab collection is designed to stay cool and dry. Finally, Muslim athletes have an alternate option over traditional hijab, that’s modest as well as sport-friendly.

Sports Hijab has been in conversations for long, and few smaller boutique companies has been manufacturing it, but it’s the brand following and the wide reach of Nike that has brought this topic to the forefront.

Even other brands are now considering replicating Nike’s move and are planning on the production of Sports Hijab. The main reason behind this is the cultural shift, that now more and more women prefer wearing a Hijab.

Not just in the field of sports, hijab fashion is also gaining popularity in other fields too. This is reflected in recent ramp show of designer AnniesaHasibuan’s collection at New York Fashion Week, where a fleet of models proudly performed the catwalk wearing Hijab.
Technically, hijab has not exactly been banned by different sports federations, but the ‘headgear’is prohibited on the pretext that it might hurt other people, also because of some stereotype minds which takes it as a religious agenda.

It is that the light of change has been illuminated, even when hijab is still being oppressed in the major part of the world. As this change traverses a better journey, one filled with hope, faith, peace, and hopefully, more people will start understanding the real value of hijab for women.The world is yet to see the epitome of Hijab Fashion.


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