5 Types of Modest Clothes to Remain Trendy


Fashion is a way for men & women to convey the feeling of liberty and individuality. While many all around the world think that modest clothing lacks the sense of fashion, they have been picked up as the most exciting trends in modern fashion, especially for women.

Here’s a glossary of modest Islamic clothes that enhances the elegance and beauty of women. They go well with casuals and can make you look equally dapper in special occasions.

#1st Modest Cloth – Abaya Styles

A piece of fabric that’s loosely stitched can be worn for at home or for public gatherings. It is available in either traditional or modern design. An Abaya is a gorgeous looking cloak that runs from shoulder to the feet and is comfortable. Muslim women usually pair it with a hijab and long gloves.

#2nd Modest Cloth: Jilbab Style

In literal terms, Jilbab looks similar to an Abaya but differentiates on one distinguishable point: is has an opening at the front. Jilbabs are extremely comfortable and easy to wear and have the potential to capture eyeballs. They bring a modest, as well as dazzling appearance for a woman.

#3rd- Modest Cloth: Hijab Style

The recent inclusion of Hijab styles in New York and Dubai fashion week tells the story of growing acceptance of hijab fashion. Hijab is a considered sacred and traditional in Islamic and is wore by women on the head. It comes in different shapes and size like a square, rectangle, plain or printed, and covers the head from temples to the back and at times chest. Hijab is also available in different fabric variants like satin, chiffon, viscose, georgette, knit, and many other fabrics.

#4th Modest Cloth: Islamic Shalwar Kameez

A Full-length shalwar kameez with a beautiful embroidery is the most fashionable and modest attire for women. They are extremely popular in Asian countries like India and Pakistan.

#5th Tunic Tops

Tunic tops are a stylish range of long tops that can be paired with anything – leggings, jeans, etc. Just keep one thing in mind – choose appropriate length for your height and size to dazzle the look with Tunic tops. They come in a different range of designs and variety.


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